Sher-e-Baghdad (aka: Lion of Baghdad)

Basant Pictures (1946)

Director/Producer: Homi Wadia

Music: Master Mohammad

Cast: John Cawas, Fearless Nadia, Sayani Atish, Dalpat, Sardar Mansoor, Sona Chatterjee, Master Mohammad, M.K. Hasan, Ali, Boman Shroff, Master Butter, Miss Nazirabai, Ahmad Dilawar, Horse Rajput.

Plot: In days gone by, the subjects grew restless against the tyranny of the cruel wazir Mahmood of Baghdad. Hoping to one day rule the city, and have the princess (Nadia) all to himself, Mahmood found his chance when he crossed swords with the brave Salaar Salim (John Cawas). The king intervened and Mahmood killed the old man while Salim lay unconscious nearby.

At the scene of the crime, Salim was found in possession of the blood soaked sword and it was presumed by all that he had murdered the king. Realizing he had been framed, Salim fled and went into hiding until such time as he could prove his innocence. He was given shelter by a young couple, Asad (Sardar Mansoor) and Razia (Sona Chatterjee), who were gathering together a group to revolt against the evil wazir. Aiding them was a mysterious masked woman who had her own reasons for overthrowing the rule of Mahmood.

Special thanks to Ramaswamy Narayanan for his help in translating the plot.