Natraja Productions (1961)

Directors/Producers: Ved – Madan

Music: Dattaram

Choreography: Suresh

Action: M.B. Shetty

Cast: Mehmood, Naaz, Priti Bala, Raj Mehra, Shankar, Amar, Baij Sharma, S.N. Banerjee, M.B. Shetty, Lona, Balaram, Rafiq, Hanuman, Mahabal, Nirula.

Plot: Mohanlal (Raj Mehra) had been a trainer of boxers and has lost a fortune in the business. He has two grown daughters, Shobha (Priti Bala) and Sheela (Naaz). He needs financing to arrange boxing bouts and out of that money realized he has to also marry his daughters.

In the house opposite theirs lives Ratan (Mehmood), a mill worker who has an ailing father. Ratan is in love with Shobha, although he has never dared to meet her…but he knows that she is in love with him also.

In search of the financing he needs, Mohanlal meets Mr. Lall (Amar), a wealthy man with an interest in the sport of boxing. Upon seeing Shobha, Lall becomes interested in the proposition and agrees to finance Mohanlal.

Shobha understand’s Lall’s intentions, but since she loves her father very much, she keeps quiet about it and prepares to sacrifice her love for Ratan to help her family. Sheela, however, instinctively does not like Lall and even more, dislikes seeing Shobha go out with him. Ratan also is saddened to see this. Sheela witnesses the tears in Ratan’s eyes and decides she must do something to ease his pain, so she writes a letter to him which she signs with Shobha’s name. While Ratan is away she goes to his house to deliver the letter and meets his father and tells him her name is Shobha.

When Ratan returns home he is overjoyed to read the letter which says that he should not be worried to see Shobha going about with anyone and that she still loves him.

Mohanlal arranges a boxing match and Lall reveals his intention to marry Shobha. Mohanlal does not agree to this, however Shobha makes him give his consent.

While coming home from the mill with his pay packet, Ratan is attacked by gundas who steal his money, despite Ratan putting up a great fight. Mr. Bannerjee witnesses this tussle and is impressed by Ratan’s athleticism and stamina as a fighter. As Banerjee has been looking for a boxer to replace the one he had that became ill, he promises to pay Ratan double the amount of money he had stolen if he will box for him. Ratan goes into the ring and with Sheela’s coaching, wins his first bout which starts him on a new career that makes him financially stable.

Shobha feels that perhaps Ratan can help her out of her difficulties and can pay back her father’s debts. She goes to meet Ratan but then comes to know that Sheela has fallen in love with him. Once again she sacrifices her love for her family.

Time goes by and Ratan’s father dies during an operation while Shobha gets married to Lall. Sheela loves Ratan, but he does not realize it and he goes on to become a champion boxer who begins to hate the world and those around him.