Juicy, Saucy Entertainment…now this is an ad that is certain to fill theater seats!

Red Light saucy entertainment 001

Also known as LAL BATTI, this 1947 thriller was directed by Nari Ghadiali, a prolific, but overlooked film maker who was busy churning out low budget action films throughout the 1940s and 50s. With titles like  VANARAJA TARZAN (1938), JUNGLE KING (1939), PISTOLWALI (1941),  KHAZANCHI KI BETI (1943), ROYAL MAIL (1946), LAHERI CAMERMAN (1944), EVER READY (1946) SPEED QUEEN (1947), HAMARI KISMAT (1949), and JUNGLE KA JADOO (1955) to his credit, it seems he should have earned the same kind of following as Homi Wadia. And in fact Ghadiali directed Wadia favorite Fearless Nadia in a number of stunt films including JUNGLE GODDESS (1948),  BILLI (1949), and FIGHTING QUEEN (1956). Likely he was best known, during his heyday at least, for directing many of the forgotten action star Benjamin’s films of the 30s and 40s.

Benjamin 1940 001

Benjamin was a popular stunt film star of the 30s and 40s.

Perhaps one day some of Nari Ghadiali’s films will will be dug up and released on DVD and we can see just how his films stack up against the Wadias Bros’. I have no doubt Ghadiali’s films would make for enjoyable viewing!