Diler Daku (Defiant Bandit)

Basant Pictures (1957)

Director: Noshir Engineer

Music: Shafi M. Nagri

Choreography: Mandloi, D. Babulal

Special Effects: Babubhai Mistry

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Samar Roy, Rajni, Vijaya Choudhary, Heera Sawant, Sheikh, Kallu Ustad, Habib, Dalpat, Chanda, Sardar Mansoor, Baby Mangala, H. Prakash, Ismail, Boy Prithvi, Boy Sikandar, Abdulla, Bismilla, Korega, Jullian, Gaidwad, S. Advani, Yadav, Manaka, Kusum.

Plot: Sarwar Khan, the vizier, and Afzal Khan, the commander in chief overthrow the kingdom and kill the king. During the battle, a loyal servant rescues Princess Farida, whisking her away where she is raised and trained as a valiant fighter for the cause of freedom.

Years later, Farida takes on a disguise and vows to avenge the death of her father. Kamran, who happens to be the vizier’s son, takes her side, but his stepmother, Shabnam, joins up with Afzal Khan and murder’s her husband Sarwar Khan, making Afzal the new king.

Farida and Kamran rebel against Afzal Khan and attempt to stop his forced marriage to Zarina, and then duo and their compatriots work to win back Farida’s right to the throne.