Bulbule Baghdad

Mohan Pictures (1941)

Director: K. Amarnath

Music: Ramgopal Pande

Cast: Indurani, Jayant, Gulab, Yakub, Sadiqu, W.M. Khan, Gulam Rasool, A.R. Pahelwan, Anant Marathe.

Plot: Rashid (Jayant) is a young government officer in Baghdad who is in love with the beautiful Bulbul (Indurani). The two become inseparable, but on one day, when Bulbule leaves her home to meet Rashid, she is captured by bandits and is never heard from again.

Nadir is a notorious outlaw who accidentally learns that he has a son…and his son is Rashid, who knows nothing about his father. In a twist of fate, Nadir is arrested by Rashid on a charge of murder and Nadir is willing to go to the gallows to save his son’s reputation.