Tin Tin Tin



Kirit Films/Circo (1959)

Director: B.J. Patel

Producer: Dhanpat Rai

Music: Bulo C. Rani

Dog trainer: Jimmy Bharucha

Cast: Caesar, Nilofer, Samar Roy, Mirajkar, Tun Tun, Habib, Rajen Kapoor, Vishwa Mehra, Devchand, Moolchand, Bhudo Advani, Abdul Satar, Munni.

I’m a sucker for a movie about a dog, and the idea of a 1950s era Bollywood movie about a dog fascinates me no end.

That TIN-TIN-TIN is directed by B.J. Patel, the man who brought the movie-going public films like MISS TOOFAN MAIL (1958), RIFLE GIRL (1958), LADY ROBINHOOD (1959), HAWA MAHAL (1962), ROCKET TARZAN (1963), MAGIC BOX (1963), MARVELMAN (1964), and LADY KILLER (1968), intrigues me even more. And with a cast that includes Nilofer, Tun Tun, Habib, Rajen Kapoor and, of course, Dog Caesar…well, it has to be at least a little bit entertaining. Right?


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I wish I could tell you more about this film, but unfortunately, the plot, as listed in the film booklet, is strangely vague (and somewhat unintelligible): “Ever since the exclaim of humanity, tale[s] of human weaknesses and [the] insecurity of men are an everyday affair, but those we know are the legends about the constant and silent friend of mankind, dog. This understanding animal has those stories of its sincerity to its credit [more than] any living soul can claim. Tin-Tin-Tin is a story of such a faithful dog.”

This is, as far as I can tell, a movie about a dog…but, is it a comedy? A stunt film? A thriller? A drama? All the above??? Who knows, and maybe it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps the fact that it ever existed at all should be enough.