The Modern Girl (aka: Chandra)

Saroj Movietone (1935)

Director: B.S. Rajhans

Producer: N.B. Desai

Music: Sunder Das

Cast: Master Nissar, Zebunnnisa, Swaroop Rani, Prabhashankar, Syad Jan, Miss Dulari (H.M.V.), Kanta, Bibi, Shaikir Bhai, Zahiruddin.

Plot: Chandra (Zebunissa) and Rajendra (Master Nissar) had known each other since childhood and had studied in school together. A fondness had developed between the two and they’d promised to marry each other one day.

Chandra’s father had, some years earlier, met an untimely and suspicious demise. Narbada Shankar (Prabha Shankar), an intimate friend of Chandra’s aunt Bela (Kanta), was the one secretly responsible for her father’s death and in turn had hoped to somehow get hold of the man’s immense wealth. Shankar also had plans to control Chandra’s inheritance by marrying her off to his fool of a nephew…but first he had get rid of Rajendra!

Shankar poison’s the mind of Rajendra’s father against Chandra, convincing him that the girl is no good. He even enlists a partner in crime, Bholanath (Shakir Bhai). But to protect himself, Bholanath makes Shankar sign a confession and, furthermore, makes him give his daughter Lalita (Swaroop Rani) to him in marriage.

Rajendra discovers Shankar’s nasty deeds and confronts him at Bela’s home. Rajendra tries to force the truth out of Shankar, but Shankar laughs and whips out a revolver, firing a shot at Rajendra. The shot misses the young man and hits Bela instead, mortally wounding her.

Bholanath rushes to the scene with police in tow and when Shankar manages to convince the law that Rajendra was the one who fired the deadly shot, the boy is put on trial for murder.