Roopnager Limited (1956)

Director/Producer: Roshanlal Malhotra

Music: Madan Mohan

Choreography: Vinod Chopra

Cast: Nalini Jaywant, M. Rajan, Om Prakash, David, Manmohan Krishna, Lalita Kumari, Amar, Sunder, Gope, Tun Tun, Helen, Mumtaz, Rajen Kapoor, Khatana, Dube, Lalit Kapoor.

Guest Artists: Randhir, Jayant, Jeevan.

Plot: Wealthy young Ramesh (M. Rajan) had gone off to war and is now listed as missing in action. Bhagwandas, the trustee of Ramesh’s millions, meets Raju (also played by M. Rajan), a homeless youth who bears a striking resemblance to the presumed dead Ramesh. Bhagwandas devises a plan to use the look-a-like to help him gain control of the fortune and he presents Raju as the man returned from war.

All goes as planned until Raju meets Nishi (Nalini Jawant), Ramesh’s childhood playmate. She never suspects his real identity and they began to grow close to each other. But when the trusting Nishi looks into Raju’s eyes, pain pierces his heart and awakens his conscience and he realizes that he can no longer deceive her.

Raju decides to confess all to his sweetheart, whatever the consequences, but just then the real Ramesh returns, turning an already dicey situation into an explosive one!

Manmohan Krishna and M. Rajan in 50-50