Film Corporation of India (1938)

Directors: David Parry, Ranjeet Sen.

Music: Bikram Choudhary

Cast: Vijay Kumar, Kamlesh Kumari, Purna Choudhary, Deb Bala, Tulsi Lahiri, Aruna Devi, R.P. Kapoor, Kamran B.A., Lalit Kumar Natwar.

Plot: Mohan (Vijay Kumar) dreams of being a aviator, like his late father, but Mohan’s mother (Deb Bala) refuses to let her son enter the same profession that resulted in the tragic death of her husband fifteen years earlier. As a compromise, Mohan decides to become a ground mechanic and while going from one aero company to another in search of a job he comes across his old college buddy Jairaj (Purna Choudhary) who is a free-lance pilot. Jairaj promises to get Mohan a job working at Phoenix Airways and while they talk over old times, he invites Mohan to his home to meet his wife, Prabha (Aruna Devi).

The next day Mohan receives a message to meet with Krishan Kumar (R.P. Kapoor), the manager of Phoenix Airways who, on Jairaj’s recommendation, engages Mohan as a mechanic. Mohan meets the manager’s daughter and secretary, Asha (Kamlesh Kumari), who he learns was his playmate when they were children as it happens that her father and his had been good friends back in the day. This reunion of two childhood pals soon turns to love.

Phoenix has been working on a special, high efficiency airplane which they hope will help the company land an air mail contract with the government. However, Air Commerce, a rival firm plants Gopal (Tulsi Laheri), a man of their own, over at Phoenix, and it is his job render the plane so it will fail during its test flight. Meanwhile, Jairaj has received a commission to deliver by air a package which he is to give to Vikram Singh (Lalit Kumar Natwar) of Air Commerce. What Jairaj does not realize is the package contains illegal drugs.

As Mohan and Asha’s relationship flourishes, Jairaj, who was once in love with Asha, becomes jealous and he even starts a fight with his old pal. Jairaj then tries to turn Asha against Mohan, but is unsuccessful. To add to Mohan’s problems, twice the test plane was found to be faulty, due to Gopal’s trickery, and Mohan receives the blame and is let go from the company.

With Mohan having been fired, Gopal is promoted and he wastes no time calling his boss at Air Commerce to give him the news, a conversation which is overheard by Asha. Asha informs her father who asks Mohan to return and set a trap to catch the culprit red-handed. The plan works and Gopal’s deceit is revealed.

Vikram Singh, not one to lose easily, comes up with the receipt that Jairaj had signed when he delivered the package of contraband. Vikram threatens to hand Jairaj over to the police unless he agrees to help make sure the Phoenix plane’s test flight is not a success. Jairaj refuses the blackmailer and goes back to Phoenix to do the flight — with Mohan as his assistant! The two former friends face a raging storm in the air as well as anger in their hearts in what will be the most dangerous flight of their lives.