Circus Queen

Basant Pictures (1959)

Director: Noshir Engineer

Music: Shah Nagri

Choreography: Chetan

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Samar Roy, Sheila Kashmiri, Sheikh, Nilofar, Habib, Master Suresh, Mansoor, Shree Bhagwan, Dalpat, Ajit Kumar, Abdulla, Julian, Korega, Yadav, Angre, S.B. Gaikwad.

Plot: Five year old Sunder (Master Suresh) goes missing and his father, Seth Hiralal, offers a handsome reward to whosoever would bring back his beloved child.

Young Sunder, it turns out, was playing with his pet duck when he wandered into the lion’s cage at the Great Pratap Circus…to his rescue came Usha Devi (Fearless Nadia), known to all as “Circus Queen” due to her wonderful feats and acts of courage.

Master Suresh in CIRCUS QUEEN

A group of gangsters were in the business of kidnapping children and holding them for ransom. One of the gang was working at the circus and came to realized that the child that Usha had rescued was worth a great reward and he informed his comrades where to find the child, who is then abducted.

Detective Kishore (John Cawas) had been on the trail of this ruthless gang, and he also took a job at the circus. Helped by his pet dog, Moti, Kishore and Usha manage to save Sunder, round up the gang, and take the bad guys to book.