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Sagar (1939)

Director: Zia Sharhady

Music: Anupam Khatak

Cast: Maya Bannerji, Prem Adib, Bibbo, Arun, Bhudo Advani, Jyoti, Kayamali, Kanhayalal, Jagdish Sethi, Niranjan, Putlibai, Gazi.


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Plot: Love blooms in the examination hall when Swarup (Prem Adib) gets a gander at fellow student Tara (Maya Bannerji), and he could not help stealing a glance at this beauty sitting behind him. Swarup noticed Tara’s handkerchief sitting at the edge of her desk and he snatched it away. Tara insisted on having it back, and Swarup did not give it up! But at the close of the day he returned it, having written the letters I.L.Y (I Love You) on it. Upon returning the kerchief, Swarup figured the brief courtship was over, as he did not have the courage or confidence to pursue her.


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Maya Bannerji and Prem Adib in POOR SWEETHEARTS


But his friend Birla (Bhudo Advani), while failing miserably in his education, was notorious for giving advice on matters of love! Birla helped Swarup find out where Tara was taking her courses and on the day the examination results were to be posted, they waited for Tara to show up to check her score. Finding the courage to finally go up to Tara, Swarup spoke to her. They talked and arranged to meet the next day in a garden.


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Maya Bannerji and Prem Adib in POOR SWEETHEARTS


Swarup realized, after watching Tara come to and from school in an expensive car, that she must be from a wealthy family, while he himself subsisted on an allowance from his uncle (Jagdish Sethi), which was just enough to cover his college expenses. Tara also noticed Swarup riding in similar style, but it was only because Swarup happened to have a rich friend named Kumar (Arun) who was kind enough to loan him the use of his automobile. Turns out Tara too had a rich friend, Leela (Bibbo), and that is the reason she was seen in those circumstances.


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Maya Bannerji and Bibbo in POOR SWEETHEARTS

The couple carried on for some time, each believing the other was financially well off. To keep up appearances, when Swarup or Tara would arrange for a party it would always be held in the fancy bungalow of their respective wealthy friend. But little did they know that Kumar and Leela were known to each other, and indeed, were to be married! This would result in the day when neither Swarup nor Tara could continue the charade.

Will the discovery of their true status make a difference to the love-birds?


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Arun and Bibbo in POOR SWEETHEARTS