Basant Pictures (1959)

Director: Babubhai Mistry

Music: Kalyanji Anandji

Choreography: Chetan

Cast: Girija, Mahipal, Paul Sharma, B.M. Vyas, Krishna Kumari, Ratnamala, Samar Roy, Kanchanmala, Habib, Dalpat, Uma Dutt, Adib, Shri Bhagwan, Kalla, Bhomiya, Abdulla, Julian, Korega, Yadav, Geeta, Ratan, Sadhna, Sunder.

Plot: Chandrasena, the princess of Naga, is kidnapped and forced to marry the demon Ahiravan, but she does not allow herself to be a victim of his evil desires and she remains a faithful devotee of Lord Ram, whom she loves.

Meanwhile, Hanuman (Paul Sharma), went to the demon land of Lanka in search of Sita, who is being held against her will by Ahiravan’s brother, Ravan. Along the way he meets Makari, the daughter-of-the-sea, who falls in love with the monkey god. Hanuman, a confirmed bachelor, has no interest in Makari, but after he sets fire to Lanka, his sweat is greedily taken by the love-mad Makari and with it she then gives birth to Makardhwaj, the son of Hanuman.

There happens a great war between Ram and Ravan, with Ram coming out the victor. Angered, Ravan sends for Ahiravan and asks him to kill Ram and Ram’s brother Laxman. Learning of this, Hanuman uses his tail to make a fort around the sleeping duo, to keep them from harm. But Ahiravan comes disguised as the peace-loving Vibhishan and takes Ram and Lakshman prisoner in his underwater kingdom of Paatel where Chandrasena learns of their arrival.

Hanuman makes his way to Paatel and comes face to face with Makardhwaj, his son, who refuses to let him enter as he does not want to betray the demons. A fight between the two ensues and Hanuman resumes his search for Ram and Lakshman, who he rescues.

Another war begins, and although Ahiravan and his brother Mahiravan are killed, they are duplicated over and over and multiply into hundreds of look-alike soldiers. Hanuman discovers that Chandrasena knows the secret to stopping the clones and she agrees to help, on the condition that afterwards she can meet Ram, alone.