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Ranjit Movitone (1935)

Director: Jayant Desai

Music: Master Revashanker, Master Bennekhan

Cast: Madhuri, Raja Sandow, Ghory, Dixit, Keki Bawa, Charlie, Ishwarlal, Ram Apte, Khatoon, Sheela, Shanta.

Plot: The local college is putting on a play and Miss Dolly (Sheela), an England-returned girl, is asked to play the heroine. Dolly, however, shows great contempt towards Indian culture and refuses to have anything to do with the amateur production. The students then ask Miss Urmila (Madhuri) to take the part, as she admires her country’s culture.

Urmilla’s father died when she was a minor and Hariharai Sheth (Keki Bawa), a respected and wealthy man, was made her trustee. But Sheth has recently lost heavily in business and much of Urmila’s property is now gone. With Urmila now of an age to get married, Sheth becomes anxious to find a way out of this financial difficulty and schemes to have Urmila marry his worthless son, Chiranjiv (Ghory). Sheth’s accountant (Charlie) is very clever and cunning and is given the chore of making Chiranjiv worthy of Urmila’s hand, and in the process, manages to extract a great amount of dough out of Chiranjiv.


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Into the picture comes Sunderdas (Ishwarlal), who outwardly appears the perfect gentleman, but who is actually a rogue and a scoundrel. He suggests to Sheth that a clause should be added to the will of Urmila’s father that the girl will only inherit the family wealthy if she make’s Chiranjiv her husband. Sheth agrees to it and Sunderdas undertakes forging a new will. Once done, Sunderdas leads Sheth to believe that the original will has been destroyed.

Although he has a devoted wife named Sushila (Khatoon), Sunderdas becomes enamored of Dolly and takes to drinking and gambling. It also turns out that he has kept the original will and is using it to blackmail Sheth for money.


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Ramnath (Dixit), a press reporter, comes to know of some of Sunderdas’ other dark deeds and publishes an expose in the paper. Sunderdas threatens the publisher and Ramnath is discharged. But Ramnath’s young son, Chaman (Ram Apte), keeps track of Sunderdas by following him around and taking photographs whenever possible in the hopes that he can someday get revenge.

Chiranjiv, having been well coached by both Surnderdas and Dolly, aspires to make Urmila his, but Urmila rebuffs his advances as her heart already belongs to Madhusudan (Raja Sandow), a young attorney who works for Sheth, and who has been hired to act as Urmila’s tutor.


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Love bloom between the two and this upsets Sheth’s plans as Urmila stubbornly refuses to marry his son, even if it means losing her inheritance. Madhusudan supports Urmila and as a result is fired. But he is resilient, and starts his own law practice.

Now penniless, Urmila seeks employment, which, unfortunately, leads her into the clutches of Sunderdas, due to his sweet words. Thankfully, she is saved from the situation by her ever-loving Madhusudan.


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Madhuri and Raja Sandow in COLLEGE GIRL


Not one to give up easily, Sunderdas plans to entrap Urmila, who then finds herself in a helpless situation! She grabs Sunderdas’ revolver and wounds him. As she flees the scene, Sheth arrives, intending to put an end to the blackmail. An injured Sunderdas catches Sheth in the act of taking away the original will and to save himself, Sheth fires at Sunderdas, killing him.

Sushila enters the scene only to find her husband dead. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law hold her guilty of the murder, and Sushila does not protest the charges.

Brought to court, Sushila is defended by Madhusudan who argues her innocence. Despite this, Sushila confesses to the killing and is condemned. Urmila then declares herself to be the murderer!

Will Sushila go to the gallows or will Urmila? Or will proof finally appear showing that Sheth is the culprit?


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