Pedro, the simian star of several yesteryear Hindi films like  ZIMBO (1958), PEDRO (1960),  ZIMBO COMES TO TOWN (1960), TARZAN AUR GORILLA (1963) and ZIMBO FINDS A SON (1966) represents, to me, much of what is fun and crazy about Indian popular cinema, where melodrama, comedy, thrills, and music meld together to form a unique and highly addicting form of motion picture entertainment enjoyed by millions around the world! If you are not familiar with Indian cinema, I hope this blog will make you eager to try it out and always feel free to ask me for recommendations, I just love to give my opinion!

For the curious, here is Pedro the Ape Bomb (or Human Chimpanzee Pedro, as he was sometimes billed) in action in one of his first films, ZIMBO.

Although Bollwyood is the main focus of the Pedro (the Ape Bomb) blog, Hollywood B movies, Japanese Kaiju, Hong Kong spy films, vintage television, Spaghetti westerns, 20th century pop cuture and much more will be blogged about here, and I hope you will enjoy your visits as much as I will enjoy your visitations! You never know what treats you may find on Pedro (the Ape Bomb) blog.