Miss 1933


MISS 1933

Ranjit Movitone (1933)

Director: Chandulal Shah

Cast: Gohar, Mehtab, Eddie Billimoria, Yakub, Dixit, Ghory, Keki Adajania

Plot: Kusum (Gohar) was an ultra-modern girl in all of her behaviors, but in her heart lurked the old ideals which held traditional Indian culture in high esteem.

Kusum’s guardian wished to marry her off to a wealthy, older man…old enough to be her grandfather! But Kusum protested and refused, and as a result she sought shelter at the home of Kishandas (Keki Adajania), a well-known philanthropist. Kishandas’s son was staying in Kashmir, and thus his fatherly love fell on the orphaned Kusum.

One day, while taking herself for a drive, another car sped past Kusum, throwing muddy water all over the young woman. The negligent motorist stepped out of his car and asked her forgiveness, but Kusum was in no mood to be pleasant. She tossed abuses at him, calling him a brute, and he in turn lost his temper and told her “Learn manners, you…Miss 33!”


MISS 1933 5

Gohar and Eddie Billimoria


Returning to Kishandas’ abode, Kusum came face to face with the young man whom she had quarreled with on the roadway. Just as she was about to call the servant to help throw him out, Kishandas arrived and introduced the man as his son, Jayant (Eddie Billimoria)! All was forgiven between the two youngsters, and eventually they grew close.


MISS 1933 3

Eddie Billimoria, Gohar, and (in inset photo) Mehtab


Kishori (Mehtab) and Ramesh (Yakub) were Jayant’s college friends. Kishori had a place in her heart for Jayant, and after meeting Kusum, took a dislike toward her. Meanwhile, Ramesh had strong feelings for Kishori.


MISS 1933 7

Keki Adajania, Gohar, Dixit, Eddie Billimoria, Ghory, and Mehtab


One day Kishandas invited a group over so that Kusum, who was of marriageable age, might meet a potential mate. Jayant thought this custom, known as ‘sayamvar’ was silly and jokingly suggested Kusum choose the portly mill-owner, Manharlal (Dixit). In order to tease Jayant, Kusum began to act as though she were interested in Manharlal, and the next day Jayant even saw her making goo-goo eyes at a photo of the businessman…or so he thought! Jayant was disturbed by this, but as it turned out, it was not a photo of Manharlal, but a photo of Jayant himself! Relieved, he and Gohar decide to get married.


MISS 1933 1

Yakub, Gohar, and Eddie Billimoria


As it turned out, Kishori ended up marrying Manharlal, much to the chagrin of Ramesh. One day Kishori invited everyone to a picnic where she proceeded to playfully flirt with Jayant. Kusum decided to make hubby Jayant jealous by mixing with Ramesh, who Jayant felt was a little bit of a scoundrel. This caused a fight between Jayant and Ramesh, and then a terrible quarrel between Jayant and Kusum, with the result that Kusum left her husband.


MISS 1933 6

Eddie Billimoria and Yakub


Still in love with the now married Kishori, Ramesh wrote a note to her to go away with him on a trip to Lilapur. But Ramesh accidentally dropped the note when he went to visit Kusum.

Not realizing what was going on, Kusum followed the instructions on the note and went to the train station where Ramesh was waiting for Kishori. Ramesh took advantage of the situation and a bewildered Kusum, thinking she was going to meet her husband, ended up travelling to Lilapur with the wiley Ramesh.

Getting Kusum alone in a hotel room in Lilapur, a drunken Ramesh forced himself on her. In self-defense, Kusum shot Ramesh.


MISS 1933 1



Kusum was jailed on a charge of murder.

Jayant, having found the confusing note that Ramesh mistakenly left for  Kusum, went to the prison and explained to her what had actually transpired.

In court, Kusum bravely defended herself, and just as the jury was to announce their verdict, Kishori rushed in proclaiming herself to be the killer!

Who was the real killer? And would Kusum ever find herself back in the arms of her husband, Jayant?


MISS 1933 2

Ghory and Dixit