Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Nitin Pictures (1971)

Director: Babubhai Mistry

Music: S.N. Tripathi

Choreography: Badri Prasad, Chetan

Special Effects: Dhayabhai Patel

Cast: Mahipal, Uma, Trilok Kapoor, Sulochana, Jeevan, Rajkumar, Sulochana Chatterjee, Anant Tiwari, Dulari, Manhar Desai, Padma Rani, B.M. Vyas, Kavita, Neelam ,Johnny Whiskey, Madhumati, Dilip Dutt, Shefali, Sujakant, Radheyshyam, Lakhani, Master Rajesh, Habib, Mahesh Bhatt.

Narad goes to the three Goddesses, Brahmani, Laxmi, and Parvati and tells them that they are nothing compared to Mahasati Ansuya, whose allegiance to her husband is greater than theirs.

The Goddesses send their husbands to Anasuya to test her loyalty and end up repenting for this miscalculation when they find their respective partners to have been reduced to crying babies in their cribs. They beg for the return of their spouses, which Anasuya agrees to, but she insists on keeping the babies, the avatars of the three Gods, which mix together to become the deity Dattatreya.

King Aayu of Kanchanpuri is a great devotee of Dattatreya, and with the God’s blessing the king gets a son, named Nahush. Elsewhere, Hund, the King of Danavas, is led to believe that Nahush (Master Rajesh) will grow up to kill him, so he attacks Kanchanpuri and has the child thrown into the sea. Nahush is saved by Narad Muni (Jeevan) and is raised by the sage Visishtha who brings him up in an ashram.

Nahush grows into a young man and meets Ashok Sundari, the daughter of Shiva and Parvati, and they fall in love. But Hund kidnaps Sundari and plans to make her his bride.