Carnival Queen

Jewel Pictures (1955)

Director/Producer: Noshir Engineer

Music: Shafi M. Nagri

Choreography: Shanti Madhok, Sam Judah.

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Habib, Sardar Mansoor, Manchi Toothi, Hema Kumari, Sheikh, Aftab, Master Satish, Dog Moti, H. Prakash, Pritam Dehlvi, Shafi, Sam Judah, M.S. Khan, Aga Mehraj, Mary, Van Cipili, Julien, Korega, Yadev, Abdulla, Gaikwad, Ganpat, Chand, Kumari Madhok.

Plot: Prakash Babu, the owner of the Jewel Carnival, has become heavily indebted to Prashad (Habib) who has his eyes on taking over the business and who begins to secretly create additional problems for the venue which in turn makes it difficult for Prakash to pay back the money owed.

Asha (Fearless Nadia), Prakash’s daughter, and a trick shooter for the carnival, engages a daredevil motorcyclist named Ashok (John Cawas) whose show “The Well of Death” boosts the box office receipts and reduces Prakash’s anxiety.

Prashad, on the other hand, is none to happy with the boosted attendance and he tampers with Ashok’s cycle before the next show ride. However, the dancing damsel of the carnival, Shanti (Hema Kumari), reveals the situation to Ashok, thus saving his life. But saving Ashok’s life puts a target on hers, and Prashant kills Shanti and then frames Ashok.

Just as Ashok’s fate is sealed, Shyam, the carnival clowns, finds evidence of Ashok’s innocence, and Prashad’s guilt, and when the police close in, Prashad skips town, but with Asha in hot pursuit!

Habib and Fearless Nadia in CARNIVAL QUEEN.