Be-Gunah (Innocent)

Bima Productions (1949)

Director: B.R. Mudnaney

Music: Shammo – Haribhai

Cast: Roop Kumari, Arvind Kumar, Shyama, Gadagker, Habib, Kathana, Shamoo, Usha, Ratanpiya.

Plot: Two popular film actors, Sushil (Arvind Kumar) and Shobha (Roop Kumari), fall in love and are scheduled to be cast together in a big film.

Satish (Gadagker), who works at the studio, wants Shobha for his own and, knowing she stays at her home all alone, makes his way there. The maid asks Satish to wait in the living room for Shobha, who is readying herself to head to the studio. The phone rings and Satish answers it. On the other end of the line is Sushil who misunderstands and wonders why there is another man at Shobha’s home.

While Sushil hurries over to Shobha’s place, Satish makes unwelcome advances on her. Shobha pushes him into the bathroom and locks him in just as Sushil arrives.

Sushil begins to question Shobha who becomes angered at his suspicious mind and she gives evasive answers. Sushil’s doubt takes flight when he then hears a man’s voice coming from Shobha’s bathroom!

Sushil flees the house and heads to the studio where he announces to the director (Habib) that he will not work in his new film if Shobha is cast in it. Sushil’s name is a big draw and the director relents and recasts the part with another actress, Roopa (Shyama).

Satish takes advantage of Shobha’s situation and pretends to help her get Sushil back by having her use him to make Satish jealous.