Indira M.A 001


Imperial Pictures (1934)

Director: Nandlal Jashwantlal

Music: Pransukh N. Naik

Cast: Sulochana, D. Billimoria, Raja Sandow, Jamshedji, Jilloo, Hadi.


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Indira (Sulochana), having completed her education at Oxford, was taking a ship home to India to see her parents, Bansilal (Jamshedji) and Yamuna (Jilloo).

While at sea she meets Lieutenant Pyarelal (D. Billimoria), a  womanizing rouge who makes a pass at her. Rather than being shocked at his behavior, she takes a liking to the handsome playboy.


Indira MA 8

D. Billimoria and Sulochana


But Indira is betrothed to Kishore (Raja Sandow), a college professor, who worships the very ground she walks on.


Indira MA 7

Sulochana and Raja Sandow


But does Indira love Kishore? Unfortunately, she does not, and as a result they split apart, the shock of which causes her mother to leave the family home.


Indira MA 6

Jilloo, Sulochana, and Jamshedji


Bansilal, a drinker, had a habit of wandering ’round the bars, which is where he met Pyarelal, and took an instant dislike of him…of course, he had no prior knowledge that Pyarelal was romancing his daughter. But now the father was shocked! He hated Pyarelal and begged Indira to have nothing to do with the rascal. “I love him!” She confessed, and compared her father’s addiction to liquor to her love for Pyarelal.


Indira MA 10

Sulochana and D. Billimoria


Bansilal made a bargain with his daughter, he would give up drinking if she would promise to no longer see Pyarelal. Indira agreed to that deal, but days later found her father in a drunken stupor, and so she went out and married Pyarelal in a civil ceremony.

Learning of their marriage sent Kishore into a kind of madness…you see, he still loved Indira with all his heart. Then one day Kishore saw Pyarelal in the embrace of another woman…all of a sudden, a mysterious man tried to assault Pyarelal. Kishore rushed in and saved him just in the nick of time, and Pyarelal then and there promised Kishore that he would be loyal to Indira and make her a good husband.

Try as he might, though, the marriage disintegrated and there now loomed the spectre of divorce. And there was a war going on…and Pyarelal was sent to the front.

Along came Mr. Smith, a foe of Pyarelal’s, who tried to molest Indira, and to Indira’s rescue came Kishore who was now charged with the murder of Mr. Smith.


Indira MA 9

Sulochana and Raja Sandow


Bansilal was not only Indira’s father, he was also a brilliant lawyer, and if anyone could help Kishore, it was he. Bansilal appealed to the jury and explained that, as a father, he had failed — he was a drunk and had led his daughter into the ways of western morality. So if anyone was guilty, it was he.

Indira, touched by her father’s plea in court, realized what she needed to do, and she traveled to the battle front to find her husband.


Indira MA 11

Jamshedji, Hadi, Sulochana, and D. Billimoria