Bhool Bhatke (Lost Their Way)

Moon Light Movies (1952)

Director: Brij Mohan

Producers: Achhe Saheb, Bashir Beg

Music: Manohar

Choreography: D. Baboolal

Cast: Bhagwan, Baburao Pehalwan, Shyama Dulari, Razia, Shanta Patel, Leela Gupte, Azim, Habib, Nihal, Agha Meraj.

Plot: Due to their uncle’s (Agha Meraj) mistake, two bumblers (Bhagwan and Baburao) become shipwrecked on an uncharted island where they are captured by jungle people and plans are made for them to be sacrificed. But two native girls (Razia and Shyama Dulari) fall in love with the men and convince their fellow islanders to make them into gods, instead.

Trouble follows when a jungle vamp (Leela Gupte) falls for Bhagwan and the island’s queen (Shanta Patel) becomes determined to make Baburao her king.