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Gool Badan (or Gul Badan)

Sharda Film Company (1928)

Director: Harshadrai Mehta

Cast: Master Vithal, Zebunissa, Ata Mohammad, Miss Mani, Harishchandra Nayak, Dorothy, Narsinh Kalji Brahmbhatt, Roshan Ali, A. Anran, Josang Patel, Barsode.

Gool Badan is a silent costume picture from Sharda Film Company. I have been unable to determine the plot (the synopsis in the film booklet that I have is written in Gujarati), but, as it stars Master Vithal it is certainly a stunt picture of some sort.


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The director of Gool Badan, Harshadrai Sakerlal Mehta (sometimes billed as H.S. Mehta), had previously worked as an editor and cameraman for Kohinoor Film Company. His directorial debut came in 1925 with the film Verni Vasulat for the Krishna Film Company where he continued to make films such as Swapna Sundari (1925), Jal Kumari (1925), A Crown for Two Days (1926), Panch Kalyani (1926), Chastity Vs. Unchastity (1927), At the Clang of Fetters (1927), and Roop Sundari (1927).

Mehta headed over to Sharda Film Company where he directed action star Master Vithal in pictures like Swadesh Seva (1927), Karuna Kumari (1928), Prisoners of Love (1928), Sassi Punnu (1928), and Wine of Youth (1928) and then worked with wrestler-turned-actor Nandaram in Dilruba (1929) and What Price Loyalty? (1929). In 1930 he began making stunt films for Suresh Studios and then over at Mehta Luhar Productions he directed another popular action star, Navinchandra, in Tirandaz (1931), Peacemaker (1931), Black Tiger (1931), Hoor-e-Hind (1932), and Chaos (1933), among others. In 1936 he directed the Fearless Nadia film Mountain Girl (1936) for Wadia Movietone and a few years later he made a number of Tamil language films for Premier Cinetone including Shri Kanda Leela (1938) and Parasuramar (1940).


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For those who can read Gujarati, I have posted the several page plot outline below, and if anyone cares to share it in English, I am certain many film fans and historians would be grateful.


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