Bahadur Kisan (Brave Peasant)

Chandra Art Productions (1938)

Directors: Chandrarao Kadam, Bhagwan

Music: Mir Saheb

Cast: Chandrarao Kasam, Hansa Wadker, Bhagwan, Sunetra, Roopa, Vasantrao, Jamsheda, Brijrani, P. Varne, Devraj, K. Swamy.

Plot: The very rich Seth Dhani Ram of Bombay was traveling by car through a poor hamlet when his luxury auto hit a villager. The angry residents surrounded the Seth and his party and are about to exact a revenge when the young farmer Kisan (Chandrarao Kadam) intervenes.

The Seth was very thankful for Kisan’s help and even offered to give his bumbling friend Chhotu (Bhagwan) as job as his servant.

Left behind from the incident was a valuable necklace belonging to the Seth and it was determined that Kisan should travel to the big city to return it to the wealthy man, leaving behind the love of his life, Roopa (Roopa).

Upon arrival in Bombay, Kisan runs into a famous rogue named Jwala (Vasantrao), who is after the necklace; but thanks to Chhotu, Kisan and the necklace are saved and the jewel is delivered to Seth Dhani Ram.

Dhani Ram’s daughter, Hansa (Hansa Wadker), thinks Kisan is an angel, and this creates a misunderstanding in the mind of Kishore (Devraj), the son of Dhani Ram’s deceased friend and whose land the Seth is a trustee of. Seth Dhani Ram wanted Kishore to be his daughter’s husband, but Kishore, now filled with jealousy, denounces Hansa and takes up with the dancing girl, Mala (Sunetra).

Mala and Jwala, who have been working together, turn Kishore’s mind against Dhani Ram as well, and convince him to murder the Seth. As the plot thickens, will the brave but poor Kisan be able to help the rich and powerful Seth Dhani Ram and his daughter Hansa and keep Kishore from making a tragic mistake?