Lat Sahab

Harishchandra Pictures (1946)

Director: K.P. Bhave

Music: Baldeo Naik

Choreography: Mohan Shah

Cast: Latika, Harishchandrarao, Bibi, Khatoon, Gope, Vasantrao, Dalpat, Hari Kashmiri, Dhoomad, P. Mazumdar, Laxman, Vithal, Dhondoo, Yeshwant, Harish Butka, Govindas Tiwari, Bannerji.

Plot: Harish (Harishchandrarao), with his pal Motaram (Gope), travels to a small village where Harish’s deceased father had property that the young man has now inherited. What Harish does not realize is that Brijmohan (Dalpat) has fraudulently misappropriated the land.

Harish meets Asha (Latika), the daugher of Brijmohan, and the two fall in love. Meanwhile, Motaram falls for Asha’s friend Billo (Khatoon).

Brijmohan had recently married a dancer named Kusum (Bibi) who wed the old widower for his money. This had angered Jagdish (Vasantrao) who was in love with Kusum.

Kusum falls for the charms of Harish, while Jagdish manages to procure some bonds and decides to make Asha his own by making captives of the girl and her father.