Over the course of India’s film history, hundreds of movies were released in any given year. But what about those pictures which were started but never completed? Or those that were completed but which sat on the shelf, never to see the light of day? Then there are the productions which were announced in the trades or on the back of press books but never got further than a advertising artists’ rendering ? I don’t know which category Cosmopolitan Films’ Daughter of the Sea fits but this ad, which appeared in the July 1945 issue of The Talkie Herald, makes me think that we are all the worse off for it never having seen a theatrical release.

It would appear that this was to be Cosmopolitan Films’ maiden voyage, as I can find no information about the studio prior to this announcement…nor, for that matter, after. It certainly does make one wonder who might have been in the “all star cast”, though. Personally, I am picturing Baburao Pehalwan or Benjamin supplying the “hair raising stunts beneath the sea” ably helped by Shanta Patel as the love interest and co-hair raiser. Surely, Bhagwan or Agha would have brought the comedy relief.  What do you think?