Choron Ka Chor (Thief or Thieves)

M.H. Films (1970)

Director/Producer: Mohammad Hussain

Music: Dattaram

Choreography: Badri Prasad, Shobha.

Action: Mohammad Ali

Cast: Dara Singh, Shabnam, Madan Puri, Shetty, Agha, Bhagwan, Roopesh Kumar, Jayashree T., Randhir, Sanjid, Meena, Neelam, Paro Devi, Gul Hamid, Kamini Devi, Shefali, Jerry, Anjum, Dada Kurtay, Mulchand, Dilip Dagi, Sabir, V. Gopal, Vishwas Kunte, Master Ripple, Indira Bansal, Habib.

Plot: Ashok (Dara Singh), a self-styled vigilante, takes the law into his own hands to assist the poor and to bring defeat to the smugglers and black marketers of the city. Known to one and all as Choron-ka-Chor, Ashok takes particular delight in teaching a lesson to Madan, an ace smuggler.

Ashok falls in love with a poor girl named Roopa (Shabnam), and Madan kidnaps Roopa in an effort to bring Ashok down a peg. Ashok, however, was too clever to fall into the crook’s trap and he manages to rescue Roopa from Madan’s clutches.

When Roopa falls victim to an accident and loses her eyesight, Ashok searches for a way to help pay for the surgery needed to help her see again. Ashok goes to see the wealthy Seth Dhaniram to ask for a loan, but the man refuses to oblige him. Ashok becomes angry at Dhaniram and becomes physical with the man. This moment presented Madan with the perfect opportunity to take out Ashok. Madan has his gang kill Dhaniram and frame the murder on Ashok.

Will the real murderer be revealed?

Will Roopa regain her eyesight?

And will Ashok succeed in busting Madan’s smuggling ring?