Black Out

Standard Pictures (1942)

Director: Nari Ghadiali

Music: Ninu Muzumdar, Behram Irani.

Choreography: Mohan Shah

Cast: Benjamin, Shobha, Sardar Mansoor, Mukhtar, Sadiq, Bibi, Mehndi Raza, Nazira, Ali, Habib, Ilizar, Sanovar, Manchi Thoothi, Baboo, Bachoo Soaji, Najmi, Karim, Baboo Bakte, Jetha, M. Azim, Khadoo Irani, Fazal.

Plot: Ramesh (Sadiq) has designs on his brother, Dhirjlal’s (Ali) vast wealth which, according to his will, the old man is leaving half of to his son Vasant (Sardar Mansoor).

Vasant and his sister Bimla (Shobha), have both been raised in luxury, but while Bimla was a worthy child, Vasant was spoiled and, unbeknownst to his father, a drunkard and a gambler. Ramesh devises a scheme to make his brother realize what kind of a son Vasant really is in an effort to get Dhirajlal to disown him.

But Vasant has fallen in love with Radha (Mukhtar), the divine daughter of an old employee of Dhirjlal’s. Radha tried to persuade Vasant to end his wicked ways, and because their love was so strong, Vasant became a changed man.

Mukhtar and Sardar Mansoor in BLACK OUT

Ramesh realizes he needs to up his game, and he hires a group of accomplices, led by a beautiful girl (Bibi), to trick Vasant into appearing in a suggestive photograph to show that he is of loose moral character.

Sadiq and Bibi in BLACK OUT

Surendra (Benjamin) and his pal Bagla Bhagat (Mehndi Raza) come across this scenario in which Vasant is to be framed, and they attempt to help him out of it, but not before the incriminating photo has been snapped.

Vasant pleads with Surendra to help him get the photo back, and Surendra puts on a disguise, reaches the den on a motorcycle, and succeeds in retrieving the photo, but not without a fight which also involves Bagla Bhagat and Vasant.

Shobha and Benjamin in BLACK OUT

Seeing Vasant in jail due to the fight, Dhirjlal prepares a new will, excluding his son. Vasant learns that this was all the work of his greedy uncle and he makes this accusation in the face of his father, who angrily throws Vasant out of the house.

According to the new will, Ramesh becomes the recipient of half of Dhirajlal’s wealth, but Dhirajlal intends to change this after two years time and put Vasant back in the will.

What plot will Ramesh make to stop the will’s revision and how will Surendra and Bagla Bhagat help frustrate the uncle’s plans?