Sagar Movitone (1936)

Director: Mehboob Khan

Music: Ashok Ghose

Cast: Bibbo, Surendra, Yakub, Ashalata, Bhudo Advani, Pandey, Pesi Patel, Kayamalli, Mendi Raza, Zia Sarhady.

Plot: Mohan (Surendra) and Vimla (Bibbo) had grown up together in Bombay. On his deathbed, Vimla’s father had asked Mohan’s father, his best friend, to raise the girl.

Now in young adulthood, Mohan, an artist, had long felt love for Vimla and she in turn loved him, but Vimla was already promised in marriage to a wealthy young man named Jagdish (Yakub), who resided in Ahmedabad. The announcement of the wedding was a blow to Mohan, and though he knew his son was distraught, Mohan’s father also knew that it would be disastrous for Mohan to marry Vimla.


Manmohan 1

Surendra and Bibbo in MANMOHAN


Vimla and Jagdish married, although Vimla’s heart had been reserved for Mohan alone. This separation of the two led Mohan into a stretch of extreme depression but great artistry, and whenever he began to paint, it was Vimla he would think of. He kept his artistic endeavors secret, however, and created portrait after portrait of his lover, which he would then destroy. To his father, to his little brother Gopal (Ramchandra), and to his admirer and pupil Shanti (Ashalata), it seemed as though Mohan had died, having lost all inspiration for life.


Manmohan 2


Mohan’s father found one of the portraits Mohan had painted of Vimla, and he sent it in to be judged at an art exhibition. It won first prize and established Mohan as a great artist. But this newfound fame meant nothing to him.

Without Mohan, Vimla also was living a life of despair. One day Mohan came to visit her. Jagdish saw them together and in a jealous rage he hired a goon named Prithviraj (Zia Sarhady) to kill Mohan. The plot was not a success, however, as Prithviraj only managed to injure the artist, though it was a serious injury to his hand which led to an amputation.

To make matters worse, Mohan’s father passed away, leaving his two sons penniless. Mohan and his devoted little brother walked the streets, destitute and refusing any help from the wealthy Shanti, who was very much in love with her former teacher.

Then, little Gopal expired.

What would happen next to the broken-hearted Mohan? And what was the dangerous secret that kept Mohan’s father from letting the two lovers marry?


Manhomah - surendra

Surendra in and as MANMOHAN