Hell's Paradise


HELL’S PARADISE (alternate title: GORI BALA)

Imperial Productions (1929)

Director: P.Y. Altekar

Cast: S.B. Nayampally, Mubarak Merchant, Jilloo, Kamla, P.S. Wagle, Sakhu.

Prince Surtan Singh of Amberpur (S.B. Nayampally), who imbibes western culture, become a willing victim to the wiles of Madeline Pendergast (Kamla), a visiting foreign adventuress who is craftily aided by her cousin, Carl, and by the prince’s cousin, Mahir Singh (Mubarak Merchant), who happens to be the next in line for the throne. This devilish trio is intent on getting the Prince hitched to Madeline and they take diabolical advantage of those closest to him: The simple and loving Queen Premlata (Jilloo) — Banbir ((P.S. Wagle), the prince’s bodybuilding uncle  —  the cynical and indifferent Bebhan Singh —  and Sarju, the helpless valet.

But Sukhlata (Saku), Banbir’s wife, is not blind to the intrigue going on around them. And the other’s eyes begin to open, too, when it is discovered that the state’s treasury is being drained!


hells paradise 1


Unable to stop the prince’s unabashed obsession with Madeline, and his willingness to squander the royal fortune on his new friends, Banbir proposes a secret plan of action.

Meanwhile, the comical Bebhan offers his love to Madeline, but is rejected, and he is astonished to learn that the prince has promised to make her the queen of Amberpur!


Hells Paradise 4


At a dance party that evening, the prince, who had been quite restless, is seen leaving the dance floor with Madeline. Bebhan and Banbir follow them to the garden where they overhear the prince discussing marriage to Madeline, and even his conversion to Christianity for her sake! They plan to announce their engagement a little later at the party.

Banbir narrates the scene to Sukhlata and Queen Premlata. Sukhlata whispers something to the queen, then runs over to the dance hall crying out that the queen has fainted. In the confusion, Sukhlata drags the prince to the queen’s chambers where he finds his mother lying unconscious on a sofa.

Mahir and Madeline try to enter the queen’s room, but are pushed back by Banbir. Bebhan fetches the doctor, who examines the queen and tells the prince he must stay near his mother for some time, which upsets Madeline’s plans to announce the engagement.


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Madeline fumes with anger, but Mahir comes up with an idea. They get the prince to join them for dinner. Madeline makes the prince drunk and extracts a written promise of marriage and conversion from him.

Later, Sukhlata accompanies Queen Premlata to visit Madeline who disregards the two women’s pleas. Sukhlata turns violent and Madeline begs for mercy.

Madeline, humiliated, complains of this treatment to Mahir, but Mahir soon makes known his real intentions and cuddles up close with Madeline in the guest house. Sarju witnesses this deception and informs the others who must convince the prince that he is being used.


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Kamla and Jilloo in HELL’S PARADISE


Mahir, with Madeline sitting on his lap, explains that when they show everyone the prince’s letter it will create a scandal and he will be made to abdicate  the throne. Mahir, then, will naturally become the ruler and Madeline will become his queen. Just at that moment, the prince appears and states, “I am sorry to disappoint you, my dear cousin!

The prince grabs Mahir by the throat and Madeline pleads with him, then skillfully uses a potion dripped into her handkerchief to make the prince unconscious. The two then carry the prince out to their car.

Sandow, Bebhan and Sarju, searching for the prince, see a car speeding away. They follow, and a thrilling chase ensues.

Will they be able to rescue the prince from the clutches of this painted foreign flapper?


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