Delhi Junction

Nigarstan (India) Films (1960)

Director: Mohammad Hussain

Producer: R.L. Sharma

Music: Kalyanji Anandji

Choreography: Badri Prasad, Krishan Kutty

Cast: Ajit, Shakila, Pran, Nishi, Maruti, Manorama, Tiwari, Protima Devi, Murad, Rafique, Kamal Mohan, Haroon, Anwari Bai, Paul Sharma, Jagdish Kanwal, Nadir, Satish, Sadiq, Sarita, Cuckoo, Rajni, Khurshid.

Plot: Intending to take control of his wife Aarti’s fortune, Kumar (Pran) makes her a virtual prisoner while at the same time he is taking up with a dancer named Bijlee (Nishi).

When Kumar learns that his wife’s uncle is arriving from overseas he becomes concerned that it will ruin his scheme, but then discovers that there is a student named Shobha (Shakila) at a dancing school in another city whose looks are identical to Aarti’s. Kumar proposes to have her impersonate his wife, but first he must find a way to make Shobha agree to the plan.

When Shobha decides to visit her aunt in Dehli, Kumar arranges to book passage on the same train and in the same compartment. His henchman, Kedar, also enters the compartment and creates a ruckus by snatching Shobha’s purse and locket at gunpoint and then scuffles with Kumar, threatening him with a knife. Shobha picks up the gun that Kedar has dropped and shoots at him. She then faints dead away.

When Shobha awakens, Kedar, who had staged the whole drama, tells her that he has disposed of the crook’s body, then blackmails her into helping grab his wife’s riches.

Shobha is forced to forgo her engagement with Inspector Ramesh (Ajit), and the police officer becomes suspicious and begins to investigate why Kumar has such a hold over his former fiance.

Many thanks to MN Sardana ji for his help translating the plot of DELHI JUNCTION from Hindi to English.