Her Highness

Bharat Talkies (1946)

Director: Balwant Bhatt

Producer: P.B. Zaveri

Music: H.C. Bali

Choreography: Ramdhan

Cast: Dilawar, Meera (Meerabai), Sarla Devi, Mehdi Raza, H. Prakash, Agha Peerjan, Madhukar Gupte, K.S. Sengar, Narbada Shankar.

Plot: The Maharaj Karan Singh of Rajnagar had put into his will that upon his death the princess should be heir to the throne. The will was stolen, however, by an unknown person.

Sir Pratap, the Diwan of the state, assisted by Prince Kumar, took over Rajnagar and reigned with an iron fist and forged a will that stated that Kumar succeed as ruler.

The original will was handed over to Veer Ramnayak (Dilawar), a loyal subject of the state. Pratap came to know of this and had Ramnayak thrown in prison, but this caused the citizens to revolt. The real will is produced before the subjects and Pratap is forced to leave the state for good.

Dilwar and Sarla Devi in HER HIGHNESS