EK ROZ (Once Daily)

Gupta Art Productions (1947)

Director: Dawood Chand

Producer: Khadim Mohyuddin B.A.

Music: Shyam Sunder

Cast: Nasreen, Al-Nasir, Asha Posley, Ajmal, Nafiz Begum, Salim Raza, Rani, Ramlal, Shamlal, Shaheda, Sheikh Iqbal, Zubeida, Gulzaman, Leela, Faizal Shah, Baby Zarina, Nazir, Indra.

Plot: Shaukat and his family, including twin infant daughters Nasreen and Parveen, take a holiday in Kashmir. But tragedy strikes when their maid servant, carrying Parveen, accidentally lets the girl slip and fall into a water spring. A search is carried out, but the child is declared lost and presumed drowned. However, Parveen is indeed alive, having been found by a local carpenter who brings her up as his own child.

Years go by and Nasreen is of an age to be married. Shaukat’s best friend, Akbar, has a son named Nasir who is studying in England. It is decided between the two fathers that Nasreen and Nasir should be married. Meanwhile, another man, Murad, seeks Nasreen’s hand, and when Nasir comes home from overseas, Murad make an attempt on his life, injuring the lad. Sent to Kashmir to recuperate, Nasir meets Parveen, falls in love and ends up marrying her, not knowing that he has already been promised to Nasreen.

Nasir and Parveen live a happy life in Kashmir until Nasir receives a wire that his father is in poor health, and he rushes to Delhi to meet him. While there, Akbar reveals that the boy is to marry Nasreen, but Nasir tells his father that he has already married. When Akbar finds out that his daughter-in-law is the child of a poor carpenter, the shock proves fatal.

Due to his father’s death, Nasir is unable to make it back to Kashmir where Parveen, who is pregnant with their child, gives birth. The locals, not believing that she is married, oust Parveen and her father from the village.

Nasir, still not able to leave Delhi, sends his best friend Mahmood back to Kashmir to bring Parveen to him, but she is nowhere to be found, and a wicked villager falsely tells Mahmood that Parveen eloped with a rich man from Bombay.

Hearing this news, Nasir is crushed and eventually agrees to marry Nasreen, as his father had wished… but then, Parveen and her dad arrive in Delhi, in search of Nasir!