FASHIONABLE WIFE, a 1959 comedy with one heck of a great cast and it should have been something wonderful. I mean, my gosh, Abhi Battacharya, one of my all time favorites, in a lead role, and playing opposite the the wonderful Jaymala, or as I refer to her ‘The Indian Yvonne DeCarlo.’ But alas, this movie is one hot mess. It is more annoying than funny, and Jaymala’s ‘wife’ character (she plays dual roles) is so unlikable, I don’t know how you are supposed to even root for her.

Well, this magazine advertisement is eye catching, and I will just pretend that the film was just as good.

PS: There is a 1938 Hindi film also titled FASHIONABLE WIFE, but how it compares to this atrocity, I don’t know.