My name is Michael Barnum and I am a writer for several film and television related periodicals including CLASSIC IMAGES, FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE, VIDEO WATCHDOG, FILMFAX and SCARLET: THE FILM MAGAZINE where my interviews with yesteryear Hollywood performers have been frequently featured.

I first became a fan of Indian popular cinema around 2003 after seeing the Shilpa Shetty/Akshay Kumar/Sunil Shetty melodrama DHADKAN. Over time, watching these wonderful Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, and Kannada films has become an addiction…but a delightful one from which I hope to never recover!

My love of America (and Japanese, Italian, Mexican, etc.) B-movies began when I was just a child sitting in front of the Tv watching Dialing for Dollars, Chiller Diller Matinee and of course, the late, late show. Roger Corman, Bert I. Gordon, Inoshiro Honda, and Fred F. Sears were the filmmakers I admired most as I sat mesmerized by films with titles like Hercules Unchained, 12 to the Moon, Lure of the Swamp, Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster and Murder in the Blue Room. I was fortunate to have a father who passed down a love for B westerns and good childhood pals who enjoyed the vintage sci-fi and horror stuff and just as much as I did. As a teenager my interest branched out to silent films and obscurities from various genres, of which I am today still seeking out.

(here I am with a 1940s Fearless Nadia filmi poster from my collection)

Me with a 1940s Fearless Nadia filmi poster

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