We Three



Sagar Movitone (1938)

Director: Mehbhoob Khan

Music: Anil Biswas

Cast: Motilal, Maya Bannerjee, Rose, Yakub, Bhudo Advani, Harish, Sankatha, Pandey, Sunalina Devi.

Plot: Bina (Maya Bannerjee), Leela (Rose), and Moti (Motilal) are college classmates, the best of friends, and completely devoted to one another. Bina and Moti are in love, while Moti thinks of Leela as just a good friend. Leela, on the other hand, has developed feelings for Moti.

Joining the trio as a new student is Moti’s wealthy friend, Rajgir (Yakub), who falls head-over-heels for Leela.


we three 2

Rose and Yakub in WE THREE


At a party Bina jokingly makes Moti and Leela join their hands in marriage. But what was just fun-and-games turns serious for Leela who, from that moment on, begins to think of Moti as her husband and feels certain that she can make him love her back.

One night, Leela gets Moti to meet in her room. She makes advances upon him, convinced that the two are practically man and wife. Moti resists and almost passes out, but finds himself still in Leela’s room the next morning. Feelings of guilt make Moti confess all to Bina, who, heartbroken, breaks off the relationship. Rajgir, meanwhile, asks Leela to marry him, but she refuses.


we three 1

Rose and Motilal in WE THREE


Bina, who has become ill, is sent to a far off village where her family plans to get her married to a rich man. When Bina’s dad (Sankatha) discovers that Moti is still pining away for his daughter, he tells him that the girl is dead, which causes Moti to lose all hope in life.

When Leela finds out that she is expecting a baby, her father (Pandey) insists she marry Moti or commit suicide. Leela finds no sin in her desire for Moti, but Moti wants nothing to do with her, his fondness for Leela having turned to hate.



we three 3

Motilal in WE THREE