Lion of Mewar 001



Imperial Film Company (1926)

Director: M.D. Bhavnani

Cast: Madan Vakil, Jilloo, Elizer, Putli

Plot: “Based on historical events”, Pratap, the ruler of Mewar is in exile trying to evade capture by Akbar, the mughul emperor. Pratap is aided by a mysterious masked man each time his life is in danger.


Lion of Mewar still 001


Akhbar sets Anup Sinha out after Pratap and Anup discovers that the masked man and Bhamasha, Pratap’s minister, are working together to place Pratap back on the throne of Mewar.


Lion of Mewar 2


Anup hires a youth named Suman to work as a spy and even gets his daughter, Panna, married to him. But Panna learns that Suman is actually working to help Pratap, and Suman manages to convince his wife to join his efforts against her father. [Alternate title: DIWAN BHAMASHA]


Lion of Mewar still 3 001