Sarosh Pictures (1950)

Director: Ramjibhai Arya

Producers: H.M. Kerawalla, Bhojani

Music: Aziz Hindi, Ebrahim.

Choreography: D. Babulal

Cast: Ramola, Bhagwan, Indu, Sunder, Murad, Sulochana, Cuckoo, Azim, Abu Baker, Maqbool, Sadasiv, Chhotejaan, Mithoo Miya, Manchi Thoothi, D. Babulal, Gulzar, Violet, Kanchan.

Plot: The Prince of Narayangadha tires of royal intrigues and forsakes his kingdom in search of romantic adventures as a commoner.

En-route to the exiting city of Bombay, the prince meets a beautiful actress whose charms make him forget his worries and induces him to take up show business as a profession.

A mix up in luggage causes Nagar Seth, the head of the reception committee, to mistake a starving actor to be the prince. His daughter Rekha then ventures to make love to him.

Thus the lives of the prince and the pauper become interwoven in a comedy of mistaken identities.

Early promotional advertisement for ACTOR indicates that Gita Nizami was originally set to star.