Jio Raja

Vankalwala Productions (1949)

Director: Nari Ghadiali

Music: Nisar Bazmi

Choreography: D. Babulal

Cast: Agha, Prakash, Shanta Patel, S. Azim, Mumtaz, Ali, Manchi Thoothi, Mustafa, Sheikh, Fakir Mohmmad, Gulam Rasool, Amir Hussain, Azim, Mohammed Sandow, Ismail, Kadar.

Plot: Machinder (Agha) was a great fool and a funny man who was known for his catch phrase “Jio Raja.” He had the great fortune of having a good and honest friend in Prakash (Prakash) whose ambition was to serve his country by joining the police department. One day on his way to work, Prakash meets Sheela and the two fall in love.

Shankar, who was a business partner of Sheela’s father, was not happy by this intrusion and decided to get rid of Prakash by framing Prakash’s father for the crime of stealing a large amount of money. This causes Prakash to lose both his job and his girl. Can the happy-go-lucky Machinder help his pal unravel the truth and win back Sheela and his reputation?