All for Love

ALL FOR LOVE is an early sound stunt film/melodrama from Sharda Film Company which was also shown under the title DIWANA. The plot follows the handsome swordsman of Lilapur, Ajit Sinha (Madhav Kale) who, in order to avoid a nasty death sentence given him by the King (Ghanshyam), must capture and bring back the fugitive soldier Ratan Sinha (Nandram Pahelwan). During his search, Ajit meets and falls in love with Ratan’s sister, Mohini (Noorjehan), while Ratan’s beautiful wife, Savitri (Sushila), falls prey to the king’s lustful army commander, Guman (Ramsaran). Along for the ride is Bajrang (Jairaj), loyal friend of Ratan’s, whose tongue had been cut out by the tyrannical Guman.


All for Love - M Kale - Noorjejan - Jairaj 001

Madhav Kale (aka; M. Kale), Noorjehan, and Jairaj (aka; P. Jairaj) in a scene from ALL FOR LOVE.


Noor Jehan, female lead of ALL FOR MONEY, starred in many stunt films of the 1930s with titles like JUNG-E-DAVLAT (1931; aka – LUST FOR GOLD), BLACK TIGER (1934; aka – GARIB KA PYARA), VEER BHARAT (1934; aka – SHER-E-HIND), and MR. 420 (1937). It appears that she made films into the 1940s, but her credits are often mixed together with the more famous singing star Noor Jehan (who, after partition, shifted her film career to Pakistan), and the 1950s/60s bit actress Noor Jehan (who may or may not be the same as as actress Noor who was the sister of B-film star Shakila and wife of funny-man Johnny Walker)


All for Love - Nandaram and Sushila 001


Wrestler turned actor Nadram had a busy career in action pics during the silent days, starting around 1925. His early years were spent at Krishna Film Company where he appeared in dozens of pictures including  SWAPNA SUNDARI (1925; aka – QUEEN OF WOMEN’S LAND), BURKHAVALI (1926; aka THE VEILED ENEMY), BORN HERO (1927; aka – KUL DEEPAK), KESHAVKANT B.A. (1927; aka – CHASTITY VERSUS UNCHASTITY), and DEV KANYA (1928), and he was  usually cast opposite Gulab or Ermeline. In 1929 he moved on to Sharda Film Company where he was featured in MIRZA SAHIBAN (1929), MAGIC OF LOVE (1931; aka JADUI MOHABBAT), and many other adventure flicks. His last few films were for Paramount and Arvind Cinetone.

Nadram’s career seems to have petered out in 1933, at the very height of popularity for the stunt films he was making, and I wish I knew what became of him. Perhaps he was one of those whose simply could not successfully make the transition to sound, and as none of his films seem to have survived the ravages of  time, it is likely to remain a mystery as to whether his voice and acting talent had what it took to continue in the industry.

All for Love - Noorjehan - Sushila - Nandaram Pehalwan 001

Noor Jehan, Sushila, and Nandram in ALL FOR LOVE.