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Hmmm….looks like Fearless Nadia and John Cawas did a little moonlighting for another studio. Wonder if the Wadia Bros knew?

Well, Homi Misty knows, even if he himself is a mystery!




Of all the types of stunt pictures, the militant ones are my favorite! LOL! And it was what ‘Free India’ needed, after all!


Happy Independence, Hindustan!!


Mohan Pictures rivaled Wadia Bros in the production of stunt films during the 1940s. Sadly, their films are nowhere to be found…so far.





A very nice example of art deco design on this advert for KON KISI-KA (or Kaun Kisi-Ka) starring Shobhana Samarth, Padma Devi, Khursheed, and Nazir.

This is also a reminder of the era in which actresses often took top billing. From at least the 1930s through the 1960s, the majority of Hindi films gave top billing to the female lead, as well as supplying women with good, meaty roles in most films, regardless of genre (even including the action or stunt films). The 1970s seemed to put an end to this practice, however, as male dominated films became the norm and film violence seemed to take front seat on movie screens, moving the social driven plots to the side-lines.

Here is another ‘needs to be found’ movie which I think would make an ideal double feature with GOGOLA.

Notice that the already awesome cast, which features Azad, Nilofer AND Helen, also includes this blog’s namesake, Pedro (the Ape Bomb). Pedro, of course is the little monkey on the poster, not the big one…unless of the plot of TARZAN AUR GORILLA has Pedro turning into a giant ape by ‘jadoo’ or some mad scientist’s evil doings, which would would push this film to the top of any must see category!

FASHIONABLE WIFE, a 1959 comedy with one heck of a great cast should have been something wonderful. I mean, my gosh, Abhi Battacharya, one of my all time favorites, in a lead role, and that opposite the the wonderful Jaymala, or as I refer to her ‘The Indian Yvonne DeCarlo.’ But alas, this movie is one hot mess. It is more annoying than funny, and Jaymala’s ‘wife’ character (she plays dual roles) is so unlikeable, I don’t know how you are supposed to even root for her.

Well, this magazine advertisement is eye catching, and I will just pretend that the film was just as good.

PS: There is a 1938 Hindi film also titled FASHIONABLE WIFE, but how it compares to this atrocity, I don’t know.

I have lately been very negligent in updating the Pedro (the ape bomb) blog. September has been such a busy month what with trying to sell my home and then moving into an apartment. Frankly, I am exhausted. But to keep the cobwebs from forming around here I will present a thrilling, action packed trailer to another fantastical film treat.

DRAGSTRIP RIOT is one of dozens of juvenile delinquent films which poured out of Hollywood in the 1950s, specially geared towards the teen age crowd. In this picture we have sweet as pie Yvonne Lime and a strangely platinum  blonde Gary Clarke  pursued by a vicious motorcycle gang seeking vengeance for the accidental death of one of there members.

Yet to be officially released on DVD, this AIP actioner packs an entertaining wallop and deserves to be put out there for public consumption (would certainly make a nice double feature with DRAGSTRIP GIRL or MOTORCYCLE GANG, dontcha thing?). Alas, until that time comes we will have to simply enjoy this trailer to DRAGSTRIP RIOT!

Terror takes it’s toll on those caught in DRAGSTIP RIOT!

In honor of actor Joe Morrison’s birthday here is the spectacular trailer to the even more spectacular made-in-Florida film RACING FEVER!

A Florida resident for many years, Joe was a favorite of film maker William Grefe, who cast the dark haired hunk in several locally made B movies including the jelly fish monster-on-the-loose film STING OF DEATH.  Joe also guest starred on two memorable episodes of my favorite TV show, FLIPPER.

Joe later moved to Los Angeles where he continued acting (under the name Quinn Morrison). Now retired, he is a practicing Buddhist, excercises regularly, still looks fantastic (has a better  build then guys more then half his age!) and is an all around great guy! My interview with Joe/Quinn will be out in the very near future!

The kicks never stop for the racing set!


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Pat O’Brien, Ann Dvorak, Lyle Talbott and Dick Powell…how could this movie not be awesome!

Hmmm…has this played on TCM and I missed it?

Ok, I know a lot of kids did not care for Universal’s murder mystery thrillers from the golden age of the 1930s and 40s due mainly to the lack of any monster appearences… but me, I loved ’em. Murder in the Blue Room, The Black Doll, Mystery of the White Room, Danger on the Air, The Crimson Canary, and those fabulous Inner Sanctums like Weird Woman and Pillow of Death…ah, what childhood memories I have of watching many of those titles on Chiller Diller matinee (thanks to our early 70s version of cable, which consisted of piping some stations from northern California to our little 2 tv channel hamlet of Medford, Oregon) on saturday afternoons.

Of this studio’s nifty little who-dun-its, The Cat Creeps is among my all time faves (Murder in the Blue Room takes the # 1 spot).  The plot is nothing new… a group of people hop a boat to a lonely island to search for treasure in an old mansion, getting bumped off one by one… but it has such a sweet cast including Lois Collier, Noah Beery Jr. Paul Kelly, Douglas Dumbrille, Rose Hobart, Jonathan Hale, and Iris Clive (boy, would I love to know whatever became of her), a brisk pace and is just loads of fun. Please Universal, see fit to release more of these lesser known titles onto DVD or DVD on demand… for now, please to enjoy this trailer…

A THRILL a Minute…A SHIVER a Second


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