C.I.D. Girl

Shanti Niketan Films (1959)

Director: Ravindra Dave

Producer: P.D. Lamba

Music: Roshan

Choreography: Krishna Kutty, Babu Lal, Sohanlal, Satyanarayan

Cast: Geeta Bali, Balraj, Sahni, Subiraj, Kanahiyalal, Patanjal, Kumud Tripathi, Helen, Vishwa Mehra, Mohan Choti, Paul Sharma, Kathana, Shivji, Ravikant, Masood, Billoo, Shashi, Satpal, Sayyed, Rehana, Anwari Begum, Chachaji, Aswani Kumar.

Plot: John (Patanjal) and Nawab (Kanahyalal) run a drug ring in which they employee a poor, illiterate, but kind hearted young man named Mohan (Balraj Sahni) who, out of desperation, assists the men in their dirty deeds. You see, Mohan is totally devoted to his younger brother Suraj (Subiraj) and must try to make enough money so that Suraj can remain in college and receive a decent education, something Mohan never had.

John and Nawab later take in two gypsies, Chand (Geeta Bali) and Sandow (Kumud Tripathi), who later conspire against the crooks, and when Suraj mysteriously goes missing, they join up with Mohan to find out why.