Mr Jhatpat


Harishchandra Pictures/Asha Harish Productions (1943)

Director: Harbans

Music: Wahid Qureshi

Cast: Radha Rani, Harishchandra Rao, E. Billimoria, Dalpat, Bibi.

Plot: Jhatpat (Harishchandra Rao), a recently fired crime reporter, heads to a village where Jagdish, a hotel owner, produces illicit liquor and has committed murder.

Although no longer working for the paper, he is in love with the editor’s daughter, Asha (Radha Rani), and is keen to prove the criminal activities of Jagdish, and thus get his job back.

During Jhatpat’s investigation he discovers that Jagdish and the editor know each other and that Jagdish is  holding Asha prisoner so as to keep the editor from reporting on what he knows.