What a perfect double feature these two would make!

First, beautiful Raj Rani supplies the thrills and  the chills, (but probably not the horror) in the pulse pounding EXTRA GIRL from Jay Pictures….


Extra Girl 001


…then, what one can only presume is a promotion from extra to star, Asha Pictures features Mehrunissa in and as STAGE GIRL!

Stage Girl 1947 001


If anyone can come up any info on actress Mehrunissa, I please let me know! All I can find is that she starred in several B grade films of the 30s and 40s such as BAGDHAD KA CHOR, KASHMIR KI KALI, NAQLI BAAP and FAIRY OF SINHALDWEEP, along with the occasional supporting role in an A product.

To my knowledge I have never seen Mehrunissa in a film, either big or small, but the fact that she has starred in a Hindi movie with the title STAGE GIRL already puts her in line to be one of my favorites!