Namak (Salt)

Azad Pictures (1947)

Director: Balwant B. Dve

Producer: S.H. Tharani

Music: Shyambabu Pathak, Naresh Chandra

Choreography: D. Babulal

Cast: Dilawar, Dulari, Bhim, Habib, Neelam, Sharda, Chandrashekhar, Sugandha.

Plot: In this “chapati western” (as it was referred to in FilmIndia magazine) flint-hearted Sher (Dilawar) is a former bandit who is now trying to live an honest life. He has taken up employment at a factory in his effort to become a useful citizen although the vicious social system of the town will not let him forget he was once a criminal.

One day he hears his co-worker Mr. Smith reading a letter from his wife. Smith is overjoyed to find that his family, who he’d been forced to leave behind when he went off in search of work, would be arriving in a week’s time to reunite with him.

Dulari in NAMAK

Before Smith’s dream can become a reality, however, the factory is destroyed in a great explosion! And the crumbling debris claims as one of its victims, Mr. Smith, who with his dying words makes Sher promise to take care of his wife and two children, Gogo and Sofi (Dulari) when they arrive.