Circuswale (Circus People)

Basant Pictures (1950)

Director: Balwant Bhatt

Producer: Homi Wadia

Music: Chitragupta

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Sona Chatterjee, Dalpat, Rajni, Shyam Sunder, Kumar, Aga Shapoor, Narmada Shankar, Bismilla, Abdulla.

Seth Jayprasad, the aging proprietor of the Bharat Gramaphone Company makes out a will leaving his vast riches to Bharati (Fearless Nadia), the daughter of Jayprasad’s old friend, and his property to his own son, Navneet, who has been running the business for him during the last few years.

Navneet was angered that his father was leaving his money to Bharati and he arranged for a road accident which he hoped would kill the girl. The plan goes off without a hitch, as Bharati’s car is forced off the road and into a river where she is presumed drowned.

A short time later, a circus caravan passing through the forest, finds Bharati alive, but unconscious. They revive her, but as she has lost her memory they invite her to join their troupe and teach her how to perform, giving her the stage name Dolly.

One day Navneet attends the circus and sees Bharati, now known as Dolly, performing. He learns that she has suffered amnesia, but not believing it, he arranges to have her done away with in a trolly full of explosives. Fortunately, the plan fails.

The circus group realizes that for Dolly to regain her memory a good doctor must be brought in, but Navneet manages to foil those plans. It is then learned that a record that Dolly sang on might help her remember who she is, and the circus owner and his daughter Panna seek to retrieve it.