Sarosh Pictures (1950)

Director: Ramjibhai Arya

Producers: H.M. Kerawalla, Bhojani

Music: Aziz Hindi, Ebrahim.

Choreography: D. Babulal

Cast: Ramola, Bhagwan, Indu, Sunder, Murad, Sulochana, Cuckoo, Azim, Abu Baker, Maqbool, Sadasiv, Chhotejaan, Mithoo Miya, Manchi Thoothi, D. Babulal, Gulzar, Violet, Kanchan.

Plot: The Prince of Narayangadha tires of royal intrigues and forsakes his kingdom in search of romantic adventures as a commoner.

En-route to the exiting city of Bombay, the prince meets a beautiful actress whose charms make him forget his worries and induces him to take up show business as a profession.

A mix up in luggage causes Nagar Seth, the head of the reception committee, to mistake a starving actor to be the prince. His daughter Rekha then ventures to make love to him.

Thus the lives of the prince and the pauper become interwoven in a comedy of mistaken identities.

Early promotional advertisement for ACTOR indicates that Gita Nizami was originally set to star.

Sher-e-Baghdad (aka: Lion of Baghdad)

Basant Pictures (1946)

Director/Producer: Homi Wadia

Music: Master Mohammad

Cast: John Cawas, Fearless Nadia, Sayani Atish, Dalpat, Sardar Mansoor, Sona Chatterjee, Master Mohammad, M.K. Hasan, Ali, Boman Shroff, Master Butter, Miss Nazirabai, Ahmad Dilawar, Horse Rajput.

Plot: In days gone by, the subjects grew restless against the tyranny of the cruel wazir Mahmood of Baghdad. Hoping to one day rule the city, and have the princess (Nadia) all to himself, Mahmood found his chance when he crossed swords with the brave Salaar Salim (John Cawas). The king intervened and Mahmood killed the old man while Salim lay unconscious nearby.

At the scene of the crime, Salim was found in possession of the blood soaked sword and it was presumed by all that he had murdered the king. Realizing he had been framed, Salim fled and went into hiding until such time as he could prove his innocence. He was given shelter by a young couple, Asad (Sardar Mansoor) and Razia (Sona Chatterjee), who were gathering together a group to revolt against the evil wazir. Aiding them was a mysterious masked woman who had her own reasons for overthrowing the rule of Mahmood.

Special thanks to Ramaswamy Narayanan for his help in translating the plot.

Circus Queen

Basant Pictures (1959)

Director: Noshir Engineer

Music: Shah Nagri

Choreography: Chetan

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Samar Roy, Sheila Kashmiri, Sheikh, Nilofar, Habib, Master Suresh, Mansoor, Shree Bhagwan, Dalpat, Ajit Kumar, Abdulla, Julian, Korega, Yadav, Angre, S.B. Gaikwad.

Plot: Five year old Sunder (Master Suresh) goes missing and his father, Seth Hiralal, offers a handsome reward to whosoever would bring back his beloved child.

Young Sunder, it turns out, was playing with his pet duck when he wandered into the lion’s cage at the Great Pratap Circus…to his rescue came Usha Devi (Fearless Nadia), known to all as “Circus Queen” due to her wonderful feats and acts of courage.

Master Suresh in CIRCUS QUEEN

A group of gangsters were in the business of kidnapping children and holding them for ransom. One of the gang was working at the circus and came to realized that the child that Usha had rescued was worth a great reward and he informed his comrades where to find the child, who is then abducted.

Detective Kishore (John Cawas) had been on the trail of this ruthless gang, and he also took a job at the circus. Helped by his pet dog, Moti, Kishore and Usha manage to save Sunder, round up the gang, and take the bad guys to book.

Lat Sahab

Harishchandra Pictures (1946)

Director: K.P. Bhave

Music: Baldeo Naik

Choreography: Mohan Shah

Cast: Latika, Harishchandrarao, Bibi, Khatoon, Gope, Vasantrao, Dalpat, Hari Kashmiri, Dhoomad, P. Mazumdar, Laxman, Vithal, Dhondoo, Yeshwant, Harish Butka, Govindas Tiwari, Bannerji.

Plot: Harish (Harishchandrarao), with his pal Motaram (Gope), travels to a small village where Harish’s deceased father had property that the young man has now inherited. What Harish does not realize is that Brijmohan (Dalpat) has fraudulently misappropriated the land.

Harish meets Asha (Latika), the daugher of Brijmohan, and the two fall in love. Meanwhile, Motaram falls for Asha’s friend Billo (Khatoon).

Brijmohan had recently married a dancer named Kusum (Bibi) who wed the old widower for his money. This had angered Jagdish (Vasantrao) who was in love with Kusum.

Kusum falls for the charms of Harish, while Jagdish manages to procure some bonds and decides to make Asha his own by making captives of the girl and her father.

Bharat Ki Beti (Daughter of India)

Eastern Arts (1935)

Director: Premankur Atorthy

Music: Jhande Khan

Cast: Rattan Bai, D. Sarkari, Hamid, Kamala, Sarojini, Gope, Yasmin, Hari Shivdasani, Amir Karnataki, Alexander.

Bahadur Kisan (Brave Peasant)

Chandra Art Productions (1938)

Directors: Chandrarao Kadam, Bhagwan

Music: Mir Saheb

Cast: Chandrarao Kasam, Hansa Wadker, Bhagwan, Sunetra, Roopa, Vasantrao, Jamsheda, Brijrani, P. Varne, Devraj, K. Swamy.

Plot: The very rich Seth Dhani Ram of Bombay was traveling by car through a poor hamlet when his luxury auto hit a villager. The angry residents surrounded the Seth and his party and are about to exact a revenge when the young farmer Kisan (Chandrarao Kadam) intervenes.

The Seth was very thankful for Kisan’s help and even offered to give his bumbling friend Chhotu (Bhagwan) as job as his servant.

Left behind from the incident was a valuable necklace belonging to the Seth and it was determined that Kisan should travel to the big city to return it to the wealthy man, leaving behind the love of his life, Roopa (Roopa).

Upon arrival in Bombay, Kisan runs into a famous rogue named Jwala (Vasantrao), who is after the necklace; but thanks to Chhotu, Kisan and the necklace are saved and the jewel is delivered to Seth Dhani Ram.

Dhani Ram’s daughter, Hansa (Hansa Wadker), thinks Kisan is an angel, and this creates a misunderstanding in the mind of Kishore (Devraj), the son of Dhani Ram’s deceased friend and whose land the Seth is a trustee of. Seth Dhani Ram wanted Kishore to be his daughter’s husband, but Kishore, now filled with jealousy, denounces Hansa and takes up with the dancing girl, Mala (Sunetra).

Mala and Jwala, who have been working together, turn Kishore’s mind against Dhani Ram as well, and convince him to murder the Seth. As the plot thickens, will the brave but poor Kisan be able to help the rich and powerful Seth Dhani Ram and his daughter Hansa and keep Kishore from making a tragic mistake?

Be-Gunah (Innocent)

Bima Productions (1949)

Director: B.R. Mudnaney

Music: Shammo – Haribhai

Cast: Roop Kumari, Arvind Kumar, Shyama, Gadagker, Habib, Kathana, Shamoo, Usha, Ratanpiya.

Plot: Two popular film actors, Sushil (Arvind Kumar) and Shobha (Roop Kumari), fall in love and are scheduled to be cast together in a big film.

Satish (Gadagker), who works at the studio, wants Shobha for his own and, knowing she stays at her home all alone, makes his way there. The maid asks Satish to wait in the living room for Shobha, who is readying herself to head to the studio. The phone rings and Satish answers it. On the other end of the line is Sushil who misunderstands and wonders why there is another man at Shobha’s home.

While Sushil hurries over to Shobha’s place, Satish makes unwelcome advances on her. Shobha pushes him into the bathroom and locks him in just as Sushil arrives.

Sushil begins to question Shobha who becomes angered at his suspicious mind and she gives evasive answers. Sushil’s doubt takes flight when he then hears a man’s voice coming from Shobha’s bathroom!

Sushil flees the house and heads to the studio where he announces to the director (Habib) that he will not work in his new film if Shobha is cast in it. Sushil’s name is a big draw and the director relents and recasts the part with another actress, Roopa (Shyama).

Satish takes advantage of Shobha’s situation and pretends to help her get Sushil back by having her use him to make Satish jealous.

Bhool Bhatke (Lost Their Way)

Moon Light Movies (1952)

Director: Brij Mohan

Producers: Achhe Saheb, Bashir Beg

Music: Manohar

Choreography: D. Baboolal

Cast: Bhagwan, Baburao Pehalwan, Shyama Dulari, Razia, Shanta Patel, Leela Gupte, Azim, Habib, Nihal, Agha Meraj.

Plot: Due to their uncle’s (Agha Meraj) mistake, two bumblers (Bhagwan and Baburao) become shipwrecked on an uncharted island where they are captured by jungle people and plans are made for them to be sacrificed. But two native girls (Razia and Shyama Dulari) fall in love with the men and convince their fellow islanders to make them into gods, instead.

Trouble follows when a jungle vamp (Leela Gupte) falls for Bhagwan and the island’s queen (Shanta Patel) becomes determined to make Baburao her king.

Circuswale (Circus People)

Basant Pictures (1950)

Director: Balwant Bhatt

Producer: Homi Wadia

Music: Chitragupta

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Sona Chatterjee, Dalpat, Rajni, Shyam Sunder, Kumar, Aga Shapoor, Narmada Shankar, Bismilla, Abdulla.

Seth Jayprasad, the aging proprietor of the Bharat Gramaphone Company makes out a will leaving his vast riches to Bharati (Fearless Nadia), the daughter of Jayprasad’s old friend, and his property to his own son, Navneet, who has been running the business for him during the last few years.

Navneet was angered that his father was leaving his money to Bharati and he arranged for a road accident which he hoped would kill the girl. The plan goes off without a hitch, as Bharati’s car is forced off the road and into a river where she is presumed drowned.

A short time later, a circus caravan passing through the forest, finds Bharati alive, but unconscious. They revive her, but as she has lost her memory they invite her to join their troupe and teach her how to perform, giving her the stage name Dolly.

One day Navneet attends the circus and sees Bharati, now known as Dolly, performing. He learns that she has suffered amnesia, but not believing it, he arranges to have her done away with in a trolly full of explosives. Fortunately, the plan fails.

The circus group realizes that for Dolly to regain her memory a good doctor must be brought in, but Navneet manages to foil those plans. It is then learned that a record that Dolly sang on might help her remember who she is, and the circus owner and his daughter Panna seek to retrieve it.

Diler Daku (Defiant Bandit)

Basant Pictures (1957)

Director: Noshir Engineer

Music: Shafi M. Nagri

Choreography: Mandloi, D. Babulal

Special Effects: Babubhai Mistry

Cast: Fearless Nadia, John Cawas, Samar Roy, Rajni, Vijaya Choudhary, Heera Sawant, Sheikh, Kallu Ustad, Habib, Dalpat, Chanda, Sardar Mansoor, Baby Mangala, H. Prakash, Ismail, Boy Prithvi, Boy Sikandar, Abdulla, Bismilla, Korega, Jullian, Gaidwad, S. Advani, Yadav, Manaka, Kusum.

Plot: Sarwar Khan, the vizier, and Afzal Khan, the commander in chief overthrow the kingdom and kill the king. During the battle, a loyal servant rescues Princess Farida, whisking her away where she is raised and trained as a valiant fighter for the cause of freedom.

Years later, Farida takes on a disguise and vows to avenge the death of her father. Kamran, who happens to be the vizier’s son, takes her side, but his stepmother, Shabnam, joins up with Afzal Khan and murder’s her husband Sarwar Khan, making Afzal the new king.

Farida and Kamran rebel against Afzal Khan and attempt to stop his forced marriage to Zarina, and then duo and their compatriots work to win back Farida’s right to the throne.


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