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Another fun photo caption courtesy of Filmindia magazine. From DIWALI (1940) starring Motilal and Madhuri.

Magazine advertisement for the (possibly unreleased) Marvel Production DIAMOND KING featuring Baburao Pahelwan and Shanta Patel.

Advertisement for the 1921 mythological NALA DAMAYANTI starring Patience Cooper, Keki Adajani, Signor Eugenio De Liguoro, and Khurshid Billimoria.

Namak (Salt)

Azad Pictures (1947)

Director: Balwant B. Dve

Producer: S.H. Tharani

Music: Shyambabu Pathak, Naresh Chandra

Choreography: D. Babulal

Cast: Dilawar, Dulari, Bhim, Habib, Neelam, Sharda, Chandrashekhar, Sugandha.

Plot: In this “chapati western” (as it was referred to in FilmIndia magazine) flint-hearted Sher (Dilawar) is a former bandit who is now trying to live an honest life. He has taken up employment at a factory in his effort to become a useful citizen although the vicious social system of the town will not let him forget he was once a criminal.

One day he hears his co-worker Mr. Smith reading a letter from his wife. Smith is overjoyed to find that his family, who he’d been forced to leave behind when he went off in search of work, would be arriving in a week’s time to reunite with him.

Dulari in NAMAK

Before Smith’s dream can become a reality, however, the factory is destroyed in a great explosion! And the crumbling debris claims as one of its victims, Mr. Smith, who with his dying words makes Sher promise to take care of his wife and two children, Gogo and Sofi (Dulari) when they arrive.


Natraja Productions (1961)

Directors/Producers: Ved – Madan

Music: Dattaram

Choreography: Suresh

Action: M.B. Shetty

Cast: Mehmood, Naaz, Priti Bala, Raj Mehra, Shankar, Amar, Baij Sharma, S.N. Banerjee, M.B. Shetty, Lona, Balaram, Rafiq, Hanuman, Mahabal, Nirula.

Plot: Mohanlal (Raj Mehra) had been a trainer of boxers and has lost a fortune in the business. He has two grown daughters, Shobha (Priti Bala) and Sheela (Naaz). He needs financing to arrange boxing bouts and out of that money realized he has to also marry his daughters.

In the house opposite theirs lives Ratan (Mehmood), a mill worker who has an ailing father. Ratan is in love with Shobha, although he has never dared to meet her…but he knows that she is in love with him also.

In search of the financing he needs, Mohanlal meets Mr. Lall (Amar), a wealthy man with an interest in the sport of boxing. Upon seeing Shobha, Lall becomes interested in the proposition and agrees to finance Mohanlal.

Shobha understand’s Lall’s intentions, but since she loves her father very much, she keeps quiet about it and prepares to sacrifice her love for Ratan to help her family. Sheela, however, instinctively does not like Lall and even more, dislikes seeing Shobha go out with him. Ratan also is saddened to see this. Sheela witnesses the tears in Ratan’s eyes and decides she must do something to ease his pain, so she writes a letter to him which she signs with Shobha’s name. While Ratan is away she goes to his house to deliver the letter and meets his father and tells him her name is Shobha.

When Ratan returns home he is overjoyed to read the letter which says that he should not be worried to see Shobha going about with anyone and that she still loves him.

Mohanlal arranges a boxing match and Lall reveals his intention to marry Shobha. Mohanlal does not agree to this, however Shobha makes him give his consent.

While coming home from the mill with his pay packet, Ratan is attacked by gundas who steal his money, despite Ratan putting up a great fight. Mr. Bannerjee witnesses this tussle and is impressed by Ratan’s athleticism and stamina as a fighter. As Banerjee has been looking for a boxer to replace the one he had that became ill, he promises to pay Ratan double the amount of money he had stolen if he will box for him. Ratan goes into the ring and with Sheela’s coaching, wins his first bout which starts him on a new career that makes him financially stable.

Shobha feels that perhaps Ratan can help her out of her difficulties and can pay back her father’s debts. She goes to meet Ratan but then comes to know that Sheela has fallen in love with him. Once again she sacrifices her love for her family.

Time goes by and Ratan’s father dies during an operation while Shobha gets married to Lall. Sheela loves Ratan, but he does not realize it and he goes on to become a champion boxer who begins to hate the world and those around him.


Film Corporation of India (1938)

Directors: David Parry, Ranjeet Sen.

Music: Bikram Choudhary

Cast: Vijay Kumar, Kamlesh Kumari, Purna Choudhary, Deb Bala, Tulsi Lahiri, Aruna Devi, R.P. Kapoor, Kamran B.A., Lalit Kumar Natwar.

Plot: Mohan (Vijay Kumar) dreams of being a aviator, like his late father, but Mohan’s mother (Deb Bala) refuses to let her son enter the same profession that resulted in the tragic death of her husband fifteen years earlier. As a compromise, Mohan decides to become a ground mechanic and while going from one aero company to another in search of a job he comes across his old college buddy Jairaj (Purna Choudhary) who is a free-lance pilot. Jairaj promises to get Mohan a job working at Phoenix Airways and while they talk over old times, he invites Mohan to his home to meet his wife, Prabha (Aruna Devi).

The next day Mohan receives a message to meet with Krishan Kumar (R.P. Kapoor), the manager of Phoenix Airways who, on Jairaj’s recommendation, engages Mohan as a mechanic. Mohan meets the manager’s daughter and secretary, Asha (Kamlesh Kumari), who he learns was his playmate when they were children as it happens that her father and his had been good friends back in the day. This reunion of two childhood pals soon turns to love.

Phoenix has been working on a special, high efficiency airplane which they hope will help the company land an air mail contract with the government. However, Air Commerce, a rival firm plants Gopal (Tulsi Laheri), a man of their own, over at Phoenix, and it is his job render the plane so it will fail during its test flight. Meanwhile, Jairaj has received a commission to deliver by air a package which he is to give to Vikram Singh (Lalit Kumar Natwar) of Air Commerce. What Jairaj does not realize is the package contains illegal drugs.

As Mohan and Asha’s relationship flourishes, Jairaj, who was once in love with Asha, becomes jealous and he even starts a fight with his old pal. Jairaj then tries to turn Asha against Mohan, but is unsuccessful. To add to Mohan’s problems, twice the test plane was found to be faulty, due to Gopal’s trickery, and Mohan receives the blame and is let go from the company.

With Mohan having been fired, Gopal is promoted and he wastes no time calling his boss at Air Commerce to give him the news, a conversation which is overheard by Asha. Asha informs her father who asks Mohan to return and set a trap to catch the culprit red-handed. The plan works and Gopal’s deceit is revealed.

Vikram Singh, not one to lose easily, comes up with the receipt that Jairaj had signed when he delivered the package of contraband. Vikram threatens to hand Jairaj over to the police unless he agrees to help make sure the Phoenix plane’s test flight is not a success. Jairaj refuses the blackmailer and goes back to Phoenix to do the flight — with Mohan as his assistant! The two former friends face a raging storm in the air as well as anger in their hearts in what will be the most dangerous flight of their lives.

Black Out

Standard Pictures (1942)

Director: Nari Ghadiali

Music: Ninu Muzumdar, Behram Irani.

Choreography: Mohan Shah

Cast: Benjamin, Shobha, Sardar Mansoor, Mukhtar, Sadiq, Bibi, Mehndi Raza, Nazira, Ali, Habib, Ilizar, Sanovar, Manchi Thoothi, Baboo, Bachoo Soaji, Najmi, Karim, Baboo Bakte, Jetha, M. Azim, Khadoo Irani, Fazal.

Plot: Ramesh (Sadiq) has designs on his brother, Dhirjlal’s (Ali) vast wealth which, according to his will, the old man is leaving half of to his son Vasant (Sardar Mansoor).

Vasant and his sister Bimla (Shobha), have both been raised in luxury, but while Bimla was a worthy child, Vasant was spoiled and, unbeknownst to his father, a drunkard and a gambler. Ramesh devises a scheme to make his brother realize what kind of a son Vasant really is in an effort to get Dhirajlal to disown him.

But Vasant has fallen in love with Radha (Mukhtar), the divine daughter of an old employee of Dhirjlal’s. Radha tried to persuade Vasant to end his wicked ways, and because their love was so strong, Vasant became a changed man.

Mukhtar and Sardar Mansoor in BLACK OUT

Ramesh realizes he needs to up his game, and he hires a group of accomplices, led by a beautiful girl (Bibi), to trick Vasant into appearing in a suggestive photograph to show that he is of loose moral character.

Sadiq and Bibi in BLACK OUT

Surendra (Benjamin) and his pal Bagla Bhagat (Mehndi Raza) come across this scenario in which Vasant is to be framed, and they attempt to help him out of it, but not before the incriminating photo has been snapped.

Vasant pleads with Surendra to help him get the photo back, and Surendra puts on a disguise, reaches the den on a motorcycle, and succeeds in retrieving the photo, but not without a fight which also involves Bagla Bhagat and Vasant.

Shobha and Benjamin in BLACK OUT

Seeing Vasant in jail due to the fight, Dhirjlal prepares a new will, excluding his son. Vasant learns that this was all the work of his greedy uncle and he makes this accusation in the face of his father, who angrily throws Vasant out of the house.

According to the new will, Ramesh becomes the recipient of half of Dhirajlal’s wealth, but Dhirajlal intends to change this after two years time and put Vasant back in the will.

What plot will Ramesh make to stop the will’s revision and how will Surendra and Bagla Bhagat help frustrate the uncle’s plans?

Bulbule Baghdad

Mohan Pictures (1941)

Director: K. Amarnath

Music: Ramgopal Pande

Cast: Indurani, Jayant, Gulab, Yakub, Sadiqu, W.M. Khan, Gulam Rasool, A.R. Pahelwan, Anant Marathe.

Plot: Rashid (Jayant) is a young government officer in Baghdad who is in love with the beautiful Bulbul (Indurani). The two become inseparable, but on one day, when Bulbule leaves her home to meet Rashid, she is captured by bandits and is never heard from again.

Nadir is a notorious outlaw who accidentally learns that he has a son…and his son is Rashid, who knows nothing about his father. In a twist of fate, Nadir is arrested by Rashid on a charge of murder and Nadir is willing to go to the gallows to save his son’s reputation.

Jio Raja

Vankalwala Productions (1949)

Director: Nari Ghadiali

Music: Nisar Bazmi

Choreography: D. Babulal

Cast: Agha, Prakash, Shanta Patel, S. Azim, Mumtaz, Ali, Manchi Thoothi, Mustafa, Sheikh, Fakir Mohmmad, Gulam Rasool, Amir Hussain, Azim, Mohammed Sandow, Ismail, Kadar.

Plot: Machinder (Agha) was a great fool and a funny man who was known for his catch phrase “Jio Raja.” He had the great fortune of having a good and honest friend in Prakash (Prakash) whose ambition was to serve his country by joining the police department. One day on his way to work, Prakash meets Sheela and the two fall in love.

Shankar, who was a business partner of Sheela’s father, was not happy by this intrusion and decided to get rid of Prakash by framing Prakash’s father for the crime of stealing a large amount of money. This causes Prakash to lose both his job and his girl. Can the happy-go-lucky Machinder help his pal unravel the truth and win back Sheela and his reputation?


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