Magazine advertisement for the 1947 stunt film BHATAKTI MAINA starring newcomer Suraiya Zulfi, who became Suriaya Shamshi for the release of this film.

Born in 1919, Suraiya Zulfi/Shamshi (rn: Jamila Begum) had taken on small roles in films (billed simply as Suraiya, and not to be confused with the soon to be A-list star of the same name) before trying her hand at producing a “magic” picture titled KANGOO (1946) for R.S. Productions.

She was again bitten by the acting bug, and this time set her sights on playing the heroine. She must have found an antidote, however, as BHATAKTI MAINA appears to be both her debut and swan song as a leading lady.

The film also starred stunt film stalwarts Sardar Mansoor and (Atish) Sayani of Wadia Brothers fame.