For those who caught my recent interview with actor Anil Mange, and especially those who remember his highly regarded work in HELLO DARLING and LOVE EXPRESS, you will be pleased to know that he has a very important role in the upcoming feature film MYOHO, which will be releasing at theatres on December 14.

Not only does Anil have a major role in this highly anticipated film which has different stories based on the law of karma, but he also has a song from the film picturized on himself! Now, how awesome is that?!

Curious and excited about this, and always eager to know the behind the scenes workings, I checked in with Anil recently and asked about his experience filming for the song, titled Allah Jaane Maula Jaane. Anil was also kind enough to share some shots from the filming, which I have included below.

>Anil Mange:

Allah Jaane Maula Jaane is a sufi song shot inside the water, and there were some problems while shooting this song. We were shooting it in the month of February and weather was almost turning into summer, yet there was a snow fall in the upper regions of India which created a climate change  where we were filming. So, on the day of the shoot it was down to 6 degrees! The song was supposed to be shot during the night and for this sequence I was to wear just a dhoti and a bandana.


Before the shoot, production people called a local diver to check the deepness of the water. I was standing on stairs [down in the cold water] for the whole song and there were hardly five stairs, and that too full of slippery mud. Just after 5 stairs the water became 15 feet deep. I was scared because I can barely swim, but thank God I took lessons last year. I was, like, a little calm, but still worried. However, there were people from production ready to dive in if in case I fell. Thank God nothing happen and I think this song had such a power that no protection was needed! The sequence is shot in one long take, and we shot multiple takes, and after every take people used to run and take me out of the water and for next 30 minutes I couldn’t feel my body, it was so cold.


My thanks to Krishan Hooda, Tikshika, Sonal and many more people on set. Full credit goes to the director who had full fate without a choreographer and to music director Runa Rizvi for such a wonderful composition. And of course Master Salim who has sung so many super hit songs and sang for Allah Jaane Maula Jaane. I think am really lucky to be a part of this song, and I hope people will love the song and the film… and rest, as the song says, Allah jaane maula jaane uski baatein wo hi jaane [the almighty knows everything]  🙂

Now, that is true suffering for your art! Good going Anil!

Although Allah Jaane Maula Jaane’s song picturization has yet to show up on-line, you can currently get a look at the promotional teaser for MYOHO and hear another of the film’s beautiful songs, Satthiya.

Coincidentally, the music launch for MYOHO occurs today (Oct. 24th) in Vijayadashmi  at R City Mall. Anil and other members of the cast will be there, so if you are in the area check it out (and don’t forget to report back here!). From what I have heard so far, the soundtrack is going to be a complete winner! I will certainly be ordering my CD right soon!

MYOHO is written and directed by newcomer Ranjan Shandilya and stars, along with Anil Mange, Raj Singh Chowdary, Parul Chauhan, Malay Chakraborty, Yashpal Sharma (who was so great in LAGAAN) and Kanwaljeet Singh (an actor you will recognize from every Punjabi film ever made! LOL!).

Remember, the premier date is December 14th, so don’t miss it! And just as soon as Allah Jaane Maula Jaane song video is made available, you can be sure I will post it right here on Pedro (The Ape Bomb) blog!


UPDATED, yaar!

The MYOHO music launch was a grand success, I am told, and here are a few snaps shots from the event which featured the cast and musical crew from the film including live performances by Master Saleem (one of my favorites!), A. Sivamani, Shahid Mallya, Runa Rizvi, and Neha Rizvi…all I can say is wow! That was some awesome entertainment going on there!

On the right Anil Mange holds up one supersized version of the MYOHO CD cover, while musician Sivamani (with scarf on his head), singer and music director Runa Rizvi, and actress Parul Chauhan hold up a duplicate one.

L to R: Famous drummer Sivamani, singer Runa Rizvi, and actor Anil Mange perform live on stage one of the songs from MYOHO. Gosh, how I wish I could have been there to witness this!

Runa Rizvi, Parul Chauhan, and Anil Mange groove to Sivamani on drums.

Singer Shahid Mallya thrills the audience with his voice!

Debut director Ranjan Shandilya (center) is all smiles at the Myoho music launch! I hope to see that smile continue as Myoho becomes a hit film!

If and when I ever get to visit India, I am so going to a music launch! Imagine all that talent, and for free!

If you are interested in downloading the Myoho sountrack, you may do so here or purchase the cd here. I am told it will soon be available at, so keep a look out and enjoy!