His film career lasted a total of two years and he appeared in a little over a half dozen films. He had matinee idol looks, a noticeable screen name and was a competent actor…so whatever happened to Buck Class?

Actor Buck Class...one of Henry Willson's clients, perhaps?

Having just watched the 1958 B-film THUNDERING JETS today, I took notice of Buck Class who he had quite a good role in this rather dull tale of a group of young Air Force pilots and the flight teacher (Rex Reason) they despise. Buck lacked nothing in the acting department so it is a curiosity that he would leave the industry after just a few films…unless of course he went by another screen name later on or perhaps died young…he had work as a model, this much I know, and possibly he returned to that line of work. Judging by his name I would not be at all surprised to find he had been a client of Henry Willson… although I think the name Buck Crash would have been a much more inventive moniker…if so, then his real name is a mystery.

Among his other films were small roles in SOUTH PACIFIC (1958), TEN NORTH FREDERICK (1958), HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS (1959), and A PRIVATE’S AFFAIR. Besides his supporting role as the womanizing Major Geron in THUNDERING JETS, he won decent roles in the teen flick BLUE DENIM (1959) and in IN LOVE AND WAR (1958). He also worked on stage costarring with Ginger Rogers in PINK JUNGLE which played try-outs in Detroit, San Francisco and Boston in 1959, but never made it to Broadway. I find no credits for Buck Class after 1959 and he seems to have simply disappeared.

So, if any of you folks out there know anything at all about this actor do drop me a line and perhaps one day we can solve whatever happened to Buck Class!