I have lately been very negligent in updating the Pedro (the ape bomb) blog. September has been such a busy month what with trying to sell my home and then moving into an apartment. Frankly, I am exhausted. But to keep the cobwebs from forming around here I will present a thrilling, action packed trailer to another fantastical film treat.

DRAGSTRIP RIOT is one of dozens of juvenile delinquent films which poured out of Hollywood in the 1950s, specially geared towards the teen age crowd. In this picture we have sweet as pie Yvonne Lime and a strangely platinum  blonde Gary Clarke  pursued by a vicious motorcycle gang seeking vengeance for the accidental death of one of there members.

Yet to be officially released on DVD, this AIP actioner packs an entertaining wallop and deserves to be put out there for public consumption (would certainly make a nice double feature with DRAGSTRIP GIRL or MOTORCYCLE GANG, dontcha thing?). Alas, until that time comes we will have to simply enjoy this trailer to DRAGSTRIP RIOT!

Terror takes it’s toll on those caught in DRAGSTIP RIOT!